Welcoming September!!!!

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Hello all

Apologies for the nearly 15 days break with no postings!!My bad!!!!! Been away in the paradisiac island of Koh Samui attending the wedding of my very dear and good friend Cristie!I had the pleasure to be one of the Bridesmaids :) 
During this week in Thailand, i had the opportunity to relax, enjoy Sienna and friends, get tanned, swim in the sea, sip wonderful mocktails and…had the chance to eat ONLY grilled seafood and Thai food. I realized more then ever how healthy this cuisine is (of course, depends on what you are eating)!!
With the help of the spices and cooking methods, thai dishes can be extremely detoxing!

August 31st was like an end of a chapter for me!And of course, the beginning of another…i even felt the transition!
It put an end to the Wedding Invitations for this year, summer birthdays were celebrated, summer holidays are over and is time to go Back to school! Summer itself has it’s days counted as September 23rd marks the start of Autumn with the fall equinox. Is almost time to start investing in good soup recipes for the cozy evenings! Autumn in Macau can’t be compared with an Autumn in New York or Denmark, but is definitely the best time of the Year in Macau – climate wise. We have chilled mornings with blue sky and sun for the whole day – very pleasant!

This Month Sienna is turning 9 months. Is going wayyy tooo fastttt. At the moment i am dealing with “separation anxieties” and “night terrors”…I knowww!!!But she is doing great!!such a happy little girl – is contagious!Let’s see this month’s milestones!!!
We Have Rihanna visiting on 13th and 14th ;). Also, the end of the Summer Sales extravaganza is just around the corner so hurry up!!!!

It’s that time of the year where you have to regain your energies and kick ass all the way until December 31st!!!We only got 3 months until the end of 2013!!!Hello?!?
Are you in par with your New Year’s Resolutions? What else you need to do until the end of the Year? What changes you still need to make? What accomplishments did you achieve?

Funny enough, September is the Awareness month and…and…and…the Yoga Month!!!

So nothing better than kick of this month with good awareness of your body and mind and incorporate some yoga routines to your life.
I am working on easy yoga routines that you can practice at home alone, with your partner and even with your kids!
In October, i am launching my first wellness program in one of the biggest resorts in Macau and i can’t wait to share with you the schedules. I am extremely excited for this challenge!Is going to be the 1st wellness program launched in an hotel in Macau and for this Hotel chain!!No pressure at all Mariana 😉
Also, in the agenda – is the launch of something else that i’m still working on…Actually, 2 big news to announce!!!But i will wait a few more weeks to share with you :) 

So let’s enjoy the last days of the bikini season and prepare ourselves to embrace September and the chilled months that are coming before we know it!!!