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Happy Wednesday Everyone…

What a busy week so far!!I know it will get busier…love this rush, the excitement, the adrenaline of checking your emails, your comments, your motivational words, your kind suggestions, your empowering energies and vibrations…it just make things better!I am extremely grateful!Thank you from my heart to yours for your support and smile!

Now, as you probably have noticed i have added today a new corner to the blog. The Wellness and Nutritional Coaching corner, where those of you looking for a life changing experience, ride or Journey  – like this word better – can simply fill in the form and submit it to us. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Like i explain in the corner, i have been coaching friends, family, students and clients for a few months now…but never realized that i could take one step forward with these experiences. 

Was not before a very good friend of mine asked why i didn’t take this to a different level by trying to reach out, away from my circle of friends and friends of friends…interesting i thought!!Why not?!

There you go, after dedicating a whole morning to this new “project” you can now contact me directly whenever you want and need. I will be here for you! It doesn’t matter where you are.

This option couldn’t come in a better time as i am preparing the March posts where i will dedicate it mainly to Spring Detox..and when i say Spring Detox, i’m not just talking about Body & Mind, i am talking about Home Detox too…as important as a Body&Mind Detox am i right or not?!How can we live in the middle of clutter, dust and mess?We need to clean, trow away what we are not using it and know we won’t use it, let go of clutter, clean crowded shelfs, wardrobes and drawers…does it ring a bell?Exactly what we have to do with our Body and Mind…Need to clean in order to move forward healthier and happier…But more on that very soon :)

The agenda for March will be quite interesting…I will have a little bit of everything..All GOOD STUFF. It will start with a Baby’s Birthday party on the 1st, followed by coaching sessions throughout the month with client’s that already searched for this option here , i got an extremely interesting Ayurveda workshop to attend in Hong Kong, i keep going of course with the Yoga Classes in Sheraton and of course, remember that i am a Mom and a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister and a Friend…can NEVER forget that :)…all this is possibly done, with a smile on my face because i LOVE what i do!Gives me happiness, ground fullness,joy and i keep learning!

Get ready to achieve your goals…leave the “old” You behind and say hello to a brand new confident You
Cheers to you and to Your New Beginning

Feel Ravishing with Raw Food!!!

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Isn’t it what we ALL want? Feel and Look Ravishing, Amazing, Radiant, Gorgeous…the list goes on… We all know that Christmas is over…you probably still have ringing in your ears from the New Year’s and Chinese new Year’s celebrations….but already, you are raring to go for the year ahead, What a wonderful feeling: a brand new 12 months (now 10.5) with endless possibilities and opportunities!!! The excitment of a fresh start and the overwhelming thought of having to lose a few kg can be enough to keep you reaching for that extra cake slice!!! But i wonder:

How to you intend to shape 2014 into your healthiest, happiest, most goal-breaking year?
How do you navigate those cravings for comforting foods that have kept you company throughout the cold days?

Read below: You can reach your natural weight without having to count calories, or that by eating more raw food, you will awake the most vibrant, energised and inspired version of yourself!! Improved digestion, better sleep, better skin nails and hair, feeling more positive, happier and lighter are just some of the amazing benefits of eating more RAW FOODS.

As a wellness coach and holistic nutritionist, I have personally experienced the benefits of eating raw diet…i don’t follow a 100% raw diet…but i wish for everyone to experience the feeling that comes along…unlimited energy, a feeling of peace, connectedness to everything, happiness and improved creativity. My diet is 90% Raw, 10 % cooked as i eat soups..can’t say no to soups, bread, shellfish and some other healthy foods that need to be cooked in order to be better enjoyed…Not that i eat it everyday, but definitely every other day 😉  Now put Raw Diet with Yoga practice and Meditation….Pure Bliss!I can’t even describe!!! Easy does it: There are an array of misconceptions about what raw food is…But i encourage you to include raw meals in your diet as much as possible…The more raw food you consume, whether that be adding guacamole or green juices to your diet, the better you will feel. INSTEAD of getting caught up in rules and what everybody else is doing…i urge you to listen to your body and feed it the clean living foods it craves…Don’t get hung up on labels – always trust your intuition. As you start to clean up your diet, you will find that you become much more connected from a mind, body and spirit level and you’ll be able to hear you intuition much clearer…. Typically and if you don’t know, eating raw food involves eating foods that have not been heated over 47 C and excludes all cooked foods, pasteurized products, animal products and refined sugar, The main foods consumed include fruits, vegetables, green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouted legumes and see veggies!!! Raw Food comes straight from the earth and is the most natural form as possible with minimal processing. Most Raw foodists are very vigilant to ensure that their fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and sprouted legumes are grown and sourced organically, without chemicals, toxins, pesticides and fertilizers. Enzyme Advantage: One of the main benefits of eating living food is the enzymes…In our body, enzymes are required to carry out many functions…from digestion to hair growth to healing!!!When we neglect to eat enough natural enzymes, eventually our body stars to overwork itself to produce its own, resulting in low energy, slow digestion, accelerated ageing and an open door to disease. Enzymes are sensitive – they are destroyed when exposed to heat..that’s why you should never heat raw food over 47C.

Do you want to have more energy and even look younger? I know you do….

If you are interested in eating Raw, other than keeping food ingredients as natural as possible, there aren’t many rules to eating raw… Just be committed for the upgrade – choose a period where you have few commitments and ensure you have time to prepare your meals; I never experienced or hear about any negative effects from the raw lifestyle. Also, remember that to add lemon to warm water first thing in the morning…can’t be tired of repeating this one…. You can have a look here for some inspiration….i will be adding more recipes and more interesting facts about Raw Diet in the next posts…. Good luck and enjoy this special time for you and your body!!!

Post Valentine’s Day Energy!

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It’s the day after Valentine’s Day…
10 degrees, grey sky with some wind and rain…pretty depressing for some…pretty cosy for others…

I hope you had an amazing day and evening surrounded by Love, just like i had…
Love, hearts, chocolates, yummy food – double S for Seafood & Salad, Champagne, presents and Romance were the main ingredients to make this day as special as it could be…Luckily hubby was off, just like last year…
This Valentine’s (like last year’s) we spent it at home…Plan was to go out on a date, but Restaurants were completely full!!So the date, was at home!
We didn’t mind at all…Sienna was a “little bit” more interactive than last year, where she was a tiny little Baby with 1.5 months :)….Now, in the eve of completing 14 months, Sienna was even entitled to have her very first tiny baked lobster :) Sienna was delighted and amazed….just like we were…
Can’t get tired of this yummy recipe for lobster tails!!
For dessert?We had home made Lava mould chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and Movenpick (my favorite) vanilla ice cream!!!!ohhhhhh was delish!!Pure indulgence!!!!

It was indeed a wonderful night!!!

Today, at15.30 sharp i was on my fitness mat, ready to burn off the yummy chocolate cake calories…I did an intensive Burn and Tone sequence for 90min…felt so good!

I always liked to alternate my yoga practice with fitness and cardio sessions…1 day yoga, the other day cardio…Since i am not going to the gym anymore, both Hubby and I transform our living room in a mini gym at least 4 times a week!!we love it!!!
We take advantage of Sienna’s siesta time to burn off, to sweat and to give our best….If one is not committed, not in a mood for exercise…we have the other one motivating!!!That’s why is so important to have someone motivating us…for practice, for eating healthy, for living a healthy lifestyle!!!I know it can be a challenge sometimes, but nothing better then have a talk with your other half OR with a friend….to be that supporting hand in the days you don’t feel like working out.

Just love the feeling feel light, happier and healthy! I am sure you won’t be craving for heavy fatty foods after!!!!

Soon i will be posting quick work out sessions for you to follow at home…It doesn’t need to be a 90min session…but a simple 20 – 30 min routine everyday will give you that extra kick, that extra energy….At the end of the month, you will start noticing results…your arms, tummy and legs will be toned and you will be a happy camper!

Understanding your Dosha

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“Making your doshas happy will make you happy. This is the secret to balancing the whole mind-body system.”Deepak Chopra
Dosha is a Sanskrit word that translates as “mind-body constitution” or “mind-body personality.” According to ayurveda – the 5,000-year-old “science of life” – there are five master elements or mahabhutas that make up everything within our bodies and everything outside of our bodies: space, air, fire, water, and earth. Space carries all the aspects of pure potentiality – infinite possibilities; air has the qualities of movement and change; fire is hot, direct, and transformational; water is cohesive and protective; and earth is solid, grounded, and stable.
Biological systems weave these five master elements into three primary patterns known as doshas. They are most easily thought of as mind-body principles that govern our style of thinking and behaving. Vata dosha, woven from the elements of space and air, regulates movement and change in our minds and bodies. Pitta dosha, comprised of fire and water, governs digestion and metabolism. Kapha dosha, made from earth and water, maintains and protects the integrity and structure of our mind and body.
All three doshas are present in every cell, tissue, and organ – for movement, metabolism, and protection are essential components of life. What makes life interesting is that although everyone has all three doshas, each of us mixes them together in a unique way, which determines the distinctive qualities of our mind and body. 
The 3 Dosha types:

Vata Dosha — Energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and your heartbeat. 

  • In balance: There is creativity and vitality.
  • Out of balance: Can produce fear and anxiety.

Pitta Dosha — Energy that controls the body’s metabolic systems, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and your body’s temperature. 

  • In balance: Leads to contentment and intelligence.
  • Out of balance: Can cause ulcers and anger.

Kapha Dosha — Energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisturizes the skin, and maintains the immune system. 

  • In balance: Expressed as love and forgiveness.
  • Out of balance: Can lead to insecurity and envy.

Each person has all three Doshas, but usually one or two dominate. Various Dosha proportions determine one’s physiological and personality traits, as well as general likes and dislikes. For example Vata types will prefer hot weather to cold and Kapha types are more likely to crave spicy foods than other types. Generally these are considered to be characteristics of each mind/body type:
Characteristics for Vata predominant types: Creative; Quick to learn and grasp new knowledge, but also quick to forget, Slender; Tall and a fast-walker; Tendency toward cold hands and feet, discomfort in cold climates; Excitable, lively, fun personality; Changeable moods; Irregular daily routine; High energy in short bursts; Tendency to tire easily and to overexert; Full of joy and enthusiasm when in balance; Responds to stress with fear, worry, and anxiety, especially when out of balance; Tendency to act on impulse; Often have racing, disjointed thoughts; Generally have dry skin and dry hair and don’t perspire much.
Characteristics for Pitta Predominant Types: Medium physique, strong, well-built; Sharp mind, good concentration powers; Orderly, focused; Assertive, self-confident, and entrepreneurial at their best; Aggressive, demanding, pushy when out of balance; Competitive, enjoy challenges; Passionate and romantic; Strong digestion, strong appetite, get irritated if they have to miss or wait for a meal; When under stress, Pittas become irritated and angry; Skin fair or reddish, often with freckles; sunburns easily; Uncomfortable in sun or hot weather, heat makes them very tired; Perspire a lot; Good public speakers; Generally good management and leadership ability, but can become authoritarian; Subject to temper tantrums, impatience, and anger; Typical physical problems include rashes or inflammations of the skin, acne, boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn, acid stomach, insomnia, dry or burning eyes.
Characteristics for Kapha Predominant Types: Easygoing, relaxed, slow-paced; Affectionate and loving; Forgiving, compassionate, nonjudgmental nature; Stable and reliable; faithful; Physically strong and with a sturdy, heavier build; Have the most energy of all constitutions, but it is steady and enduring; Slow speech, reflecting a deliberate thought process; Slower to learn, but outstanding long-term memory; Soft hair and skin; tendency to have large “soft” eyes and a low, soft voice; Tend toward being overweight; may also suffer from sluggish digestion; Prone to depression; More self-sufficient; Gentle, and essentially undemanding approach to life; Excellent health, good immune system; Very calm; strive to maintain harmony and peace in their surroundings; Not easily upset and can be a point of stability for others; Tend to be possessive and hold on to things. Don’t like cold, damp weather; Physical problems include colds and congestion, sinus headaches, respiratory problems including asthma, allergies, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

How do I determine my type?
Most books and websites on Ayurveda will offer questionnaires that can be used to determine your mind/body constitution. My favorite one is offered by Holistic Online, which is very detailed and thorough. Most questionnaires are very similar and will provide similar results. Please keep in mind that shorter questionnaires will give a more generalized and approximate result. Also, your body changes with age, seasons, and life situations so the results will change as well. Taking a few different questionnaires will give you a more definite result for your Dosha type.
I know my Dosha type, now what?
Now you should try to follow the diet and lifestyle routine that fits your mind/body constitution. For example, if you are predominantly Vata, you should include more cooked, warm foods, stay away from icy drinks, and add more warming spices like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger to your food. This will prevent any digestion issues that Vata types tend to get, as well, as anxiety, dry skin, or insomnia. Here are some general guidelines for each type:
General Health Tips for Vata Types: Maintain regular habits, try to eat and sleep at the same time every night. Get enough rest and choose foods that are warm, cooked, nourishing, and easy to digest. Sweet berries, fruits, small beans, rice, and all nuts and dairy products are good choices for Vata types. Exercise intensity should be moderate. A more meditative yoga, Tai chi, walking, and swimming are all good. Avoid strenuous and frantic activities. 
General Health Tips for Pitta Types: It’s important for Pittas to keep cool by avoiding overexposure to direct sunlight and fried and spicy foods. Avoid alcohol and tobacco, overworking, and overheating. When aggravated, susceptible to feeling negative emotions like hostility, hatred, intolerance, and jealousy. Choose fresh vegetables and fruits that are watery and sweet, especially cherries, mangoes, cucumbers, water melon, and avocado. Have lots of salads with dark greens such as arugula, dandelions, and kale. Avoid conflicts. Cultivate the virtues of honesty, morality, kindness, generosity, and self-control.
General Health Tips for Kapha Types: It’s important to be active on a daily basis as Kapha types are prone to sluggishness, depression, and being overweight. Getting out of the house and actively seeking new experiences is also recommended. Be receptive to useful change, be intentional in implementing life-enhancing actions. Choose foods that are light, warm, and spicy. Tea with dried ginger and lemon is a great pick-me-up for Kaphas. Avoid heavy oily and processed sugars, which are detrimental to Kaphas. Use lots of spices such as black pepper, ginger, cumin, chili and lots of bitter dark greens. 

Basics of Ayurveda

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Love this subject and everything around Ayurveda….not to mention the word itself..
I was first introduced to Ayurveda in my YTT Course in Hong Kong. I’ve heard it before but never understood exactly the meaning of Ayurveda…After a an intensive course about Ayurveda, i understood how Yoga, Ayurveda and the overall wellness are linked.

Let’s take a look

Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced health-care system in the world. Drawn from an understanding of nature’s rhythms and laws, Ayurveda is built around the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth and this five elements are grouped into three energies known as DOSHAS: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term, made up of the words “ayus” and “veda.” “Ayus” means life and “Veda” means knowledge or science. The term “ayurveda” thus means ‘the knowledge of life’ or ‘the science of life‘. According to the ancient Ayurvedic scholar Charaka, “ayu” comprises the mind, body, senses and the soul.
Ayurveda can be defined as a system, which uses the inherent principles of nature, to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual’s body, mind and spirit in perfect equilibrium with nature. 

It is understood in Ayurveda that humans, as natural beings, are governed by the same rules and laws as all other natural beings. If we choose to ignore these laws, then imbalances will begin to appear. These imbalances are the precursor to disharmony and disease in the mind and body. This system of medicine understands our deepest connections with the whole universe and the influences of the energies that make up this universe. We are considered a microcosm of the macrocosm.
An Ayurvedic approach treats each individual, taking into account his/her own unique psychological, emotional, and physical conditions. Imbalances in the body are evaluated through the system of the elements. Because our world and bodies are constantly adjusting to new environments, when these environments become imbalanced we feel it in some way.
Ayurvedic medicine concentrates on prevention and understanding one’s own makeup and focuses on how the outer world and environments affect one’s daily life. The goal of Ayurveda is to teach people how to attain optimal health through a deeper understanding of themselves and their own particular nature in relationship to the world around them. It is a system based on natural healing through strengthening the body, mind, and spirit and allowing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms to work to their fullest potential.

How is Ayurveda different from modern medicine?
  • In Ayurveda, every individual is unique and there is no diet or lifestyle routine that works for everyone.
  • Prevention is key. Ayurveda focuses on providing specific advice and guidance on how to maintain physical and emotional health.
  • Food and lifestyle routines are considered the most important medicine. If you come to an Ayurvedic doctor with a complaint, you are more likely to leave with a recipe than with a prescription for pills.

Ayurvedic Tips for Balanced Living

Beneficial Daily Routines

  • Rise before the sunrise.
  • Drink a full glass (8 oz.) of room temperature or warm water.
  • Clean your face, mouth and nasal passages and gargle with salt water.
  • Do some light yoga or stretching exercises.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes.
  • Take a walk or run for ½ hour, 3–4 times per week.
  • Have a nutritional breakfast according to your body type.
  • Have a relaxing or complete meal at lunchtime. 11–2 pm.
  • Relax for ½ hour after lunch.
  • Meditate in late afternoon before evening meal for 20 minutes.
  • Eat dinner between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. This should not be a heavy meal.
  • Allow two hours after your dinner before going to bed.
  • Bedtime 10:00–11:00 pm.
  • Give thanks.

Daily Ayurvedic Regimens

Our bodies naturally work on clearing excess toxins out of our body during the nighttime hours. These toxins are deposited in our colon and skin. That is why it is important to take care of personal hygiene first thing in the morning. We must remove these toxins from the body by bathing and eliminating to prevent them from backing up and becoming reabsorbed by the body.
The following routines are very helpful in clearing these excesses from our body and preventing toxic build-up.
  • Abhyanga (Oil Massage)

Choose an oil for your body type i.e. Vata, Pitta or Kapha (these are herbalized and blended oils) or get a good organic cold pressed base oil – sesame for Vata and Kapha, coconut or sunflower for Pitta.
Keep your oil in a bottle or jar in your bathroom. You can warm it if you like in some warm water in the sink or just apply at room temperature. Start your application before your shower or bath. Starting at the feet doing circular motions around the joints and long up and down motions on the long bones and torso. You can even apply it to your scalp if you intend to wash your hair that day. Once it is applied, let it stay on for a few minutes before you go into the shower or tub. Once in the warm water do not soap it off, just let the warmth of the shower drive the oil into the skin. You can soap and wash the hair portions of your body and just pat dry with a towel at the end.
  • Netti And Nasya (Nasal Rinse And Oil/Herb Lubrication)

Netti: Fill the netti pot with warm water and add a pinch of sea salt. Bring to sink. Tilt your head over the sink and place the spout into one nostril, breathing out of your mouth, allow the water to flow into nostril and out the other nostril. Repeat on the other side. Blow your nose if necessary and gargle with a little salt water.
Nasya: You can use a formulated nasya oil, ghee or sesame oil. Apply by placing the oil on your small finger and inserting into one nostril while closing the other nostril. You can also use a dropper or a squirt type bottle. Sniff the oil up into the nose until you feel it drip into the back of your throat a bit. Repeat the procedure on the other side.
Ginger Paste Nasya: This can be done when you’re feeling some sinus congestion coming on. Prepare: 1/8 tsp dried ginger, ¼ tsp raw sugar, 2 T water – Boil down to ½. Coat nose with sesame oil first and then do ginger drops in one nostril at a time. Do not do more than 2–3 days in a row.
  • Promotion of Morning Evacuation

Drink a full glass of room temperature or warm water (can add lemon) upon rising. Do some gentle yoga or stretching and twisting to stimulate the body and circulation. Take time and sit on the toilet (even if you don’t yet have the urge). Don’t hurry through your morning routines. Wake earlier if necessary to accommodate yourself.
Herbal Supplements
The herbal formula Triphala is a gentle and balanced formula for all types. It can be taken each evening before bed with warm water.

Tips for Improving Digestion

  • Eat in a calm and settled environment.
  • Never eat and run—allow a few minutes after eating to relax or take a gentle walk.
  • Sip warm water throughout your meal.
  • Eat freshly cooked or prepared meals.
  • Chew your food well and be mindful of its smells, tastes, and textures.
  • Focus on eating, not on conversation, TV, reading, etc.
  • Leave ⅓ of your stomach empty using your hands as your guide—cupping both hands together is a guide to the amount of food to ingest with an equal amount of liquid leaving an equal amount empty.
  • Avoid ice-cold food or drink.
  • Eat only when you feel hungry.
  • Eat at a moderate pace.
  • Allow a few hours between meals and bedtime.
  • Try to eat the bulk of your food at mid-day and lighter amounts at night.
  • Sip warm water or ginger tea throughout the day.
  • Give thanks. 
Find your Dosha in the next post :)

To Bloom and Blossom

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February can be quite challenging….We take advantage in December, plan and make our resolutions for the New Year, but the question is: how do we keep committed in February?
The weather is usually grey (luckily we had a few blue skies and the sun was quite warm too..surprising for this time of the Year…) often reflecting what we feel inside as we look at all our intentions for the year and wonder how to keep them up…

Eating raw veggies or indulge of protein shakes definitely doesn’t seem tempting during this time of the year…after all, it’s still winter…

Walking, jogging or exercise outdoors it’s a MAJOR challenge – in Macau – not because of the weather but because of the killer pollution in the air…not only from smoke but noise too..oh dear!So i understand,the tougher our resolutions, the harder it is to stay the course…

All seeds need to germinate in the dark to nurture before the bloom into the sunshine and we humans are no different.

I intend to keep growing my visions for the year, while taking the opportunity this moth to nurture myself with practicing yoga more often,exercising more, include healthy rituals to my daily routine, eating healthy warm foods – like soups, drinking warm herbal teas, reading more, keep going with my Naturopath studies, keep searching and researching and of course, dedicating myself to my Family…

There are always so many reasons, usually destructive self-beliefs which don’t serve us, that means we don’t move on in our lives. 
I believe we need to aim high with our life dreams, but we also need to stay practical with the planning on how to make them happen…
Like i mentioned before, i am using this time of preparation for spring by organizing the details of the launch of a Detox Month in Sheraton Macau..Spring Detox for Body and Mind, the 1st one to be launched in this city..lot’s to do i tell you but i can’t wait to start seeing the flowers blooming!I will keep you all posted.

To wrap up:
During February, nurture yourself as well as grow your plans and creative ideas for the year with a practical schedule and timeline to ensure they blossom and bloom.
Give yourself a time-line and action plan that is practical and do-able to make the changes and achievements that you set yourself at the beginning of the year.

Amethyst for February

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Hello You born in February!!!

February is a Month where many occasions are celebrated!!At the moment we are living one of the most exciting times of the Year in Macau and China…The Chinese New Year!!…this Year, we have the Horse!!!That is good for some and not so good for they say!!!We have the power to make the BEST year with no excuses!!!!
We have birthday parties and dinners to attend, Valentine’s Day to celebrate. This month, i will be also toasting for the 6 amazing Years Hubby and i have spent together – Reservations were made already!!!oh wow!!!!And there’s only 28 days this Month!!!

February’s birthstone is Amethyst…it is said to bring out your inner strength and sense of stability, have a look:

February Birthstone – Properties of the Amethyst
For those who were born in the month of February the Amethyst is the traditional birthstone. Amethyst is associated to stability, peace, balance, courage, inner strength, sincerity and a calm disposition. The healing properties of the February birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to the withdrawal symptoms of any sort of addiction,  headaches, insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory system issues and general healing. The Amethyst is also referred to as the the “sobriety stone” as it was once believed to prevent drunkenness and used to treat alcoholism and other types of addictions.

February Birthstone Zodiac Sign
The twelve Zodiac signs are an astrological version of birthstones in addition to the twelve calendar months. The February birthstone of the Amethyst is considered to be the birth stone of Aquarius (the Water Bearer) and relate to those born between January 21 – February 19. The Zodiac sign of Aquarius also responds to Garnet and Jasper.

February Birthstone – Where are Amethysts found?
Is found in 
Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia

February Birthstone – the Color of the Amethyst
The traditional colors associated with the Amethyst is a pale lilac to violet to red-violet color through to a deep rich purple color. A popular gem used in jewelry. The meaning of colors through the ages represented many aspects of life. Social, religious, biblical and Christian symbolism were all reflected in the color purple. The original symbolic meaning of the color purple was for penitence and mourning. However,  it became symbolic with wealth and power and strongly associated with Royalty as the dyes used for purple materials were extremely expensive to produce.

Definition of the Amethyst, the February Birthstone
The word Amethyst is derived from the Greek word “amethystos” which means “remedy against drunkenness” which is reflected in the properties of this stone. A variety of crystallized quartz, of a purple or bluish violet color, of different shades. It is much used as a jeweler’s stone. The Amethyst is a member of the Quartz (silicon dioxide) family. Crystal structure of the Amethyst, the February birthstone, is hexagonal.

Always Good News!!!

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I know i know i know….

Been a few weeks since my last post…BUT….it doesn’t mean that i haven’t been gathering useful and interesting information, facts and news to post in here.

January been definitely a full month…when i say “full month” i really mean it!!!I was extremely happy to make the most of it and the results couldn’t be more rewarding…
From attending one of the most amazing workshops – Detox Yoga and Core Yoga workshop for 3 days in Hong Kong to be completely sure of what i want this year to look like…
Energies and positive thoughts keep surrounding me and i couldn’t be happier.
Also, January was the start or “kick off” of one of my projects for 2014…and again, the outcome is ridiculous!!!I feel so inspired and so confident that this will change peoples lives in Macau.Can’t wait to share with you.

Is like one thing leads to another…at the end, the chain is impressive..

Because i decided to dedicate this year to Weight Loss and Detox – always with a Holistic approach – my posts will be mainly around this subjects.
I am extremely excited to include Yoga, YOGA and more YoGa to it and Nutrition Nutrition and Nutrition!
So stay tuned for very interesting and fun subjects that you can apply to yourself, family and friends!!!

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