Detox your Soul

We’ve seen how to Detox the Mind. Now we focus on how to Detox your Soul.
Have a look at these simple instructions below…No need to “try” them all at once, but be mindful and be open to a change!!Try to change one at a time and be patient with yourself…

Declutter, Cecorate
To deepen our practice, we must physically and emotionally create space for it to happen..and we know how difficult it is when surrounded by clutter and emotions.
After decluterring your space, put up photographs of family, friends, special moments, in order to create a feeling of happiness in your home. Hang a nice mirror on the wall to refelct light and light candles – love it! These adds warmth and comfort.

Now, Meditate…
Now that your environment is organized and peacful, take time to ckear your mind.
If you are beginning, follow this simple instruction. That’s how i started:

“Find a comfotable crossed leg seated position. Light a candle and stare gently into the flame…breathing slowly through the nose.
Immerse your whole being in a feeling of loving peacfullness. Evertyme your mind/thoughts distract you, bring your focus back to the flame”.

Greeting with Gratitude
Gratitude is key to spiritual development and soon shifst you from stress to serenity.
Close your eyes, slow your breathing and still your mind (rememebr the candel flame).
Slowly, start sending humble thoughts of gratitude to your Superior Power. Don’t let your mind interfere.

Stop Complaining…
Complaining is ungrateful and disrespectful. Try to catch yourself everytime you are about to moan – and stop yourself.
Practice daily and you will feel new levels of peacfullness within.

Ignore your inner judge
All negative self-talk is a subtle form of violence – towards yourself and the universe. Free yourself.

Speak Lovingly
When we bitch, insult someone, hate…we are adding to the darkness in the world and diminishing our spiritual light. Try your best to speak only kind, praising words. If is going to offend or hurt…don’t say it.

Forgive yourself
Forgivness is a divine quality that transmutes negative blocks, leads to healing on all levels of your being and balances your karma.
Increase your self love with a forgivness affirmation. Out loud or in your mind repead mentally “i forgive myself and all others”.

Get outside
Nature is a powerful healer – yey!!!
Harness its power to keep you balanced and progressing on your path.

Get Clear
As the indian spiritual master Meher Baba says ” A mind that is fast is sick. A mind that is slow is sound. A mind that is still is divine”.
When someone is talking to fast it’s hard to figure what they are saying. It’s the same with the Divine and us. If there’s constant chatter in our minds, we struggle to hear the guidance needed to deepen our spiritual practice.

Go Slowly
Whatever it is that you do too fast – talk or walk or eat – consciously slow your self down. Be gentler and watch your energy.

Spread the Love
Healing is a powerful frequency, it is love flowing through us from the transcendent non-physical realms. We can all heal. Sit quietly and visualise sending light to your chosen recipient.

Cleanse your Karma – how powerful is this?
The spiritual path is wisely viewed as a process of “cleaning up” – where we make amends for our unspiritual behavior (bad karma) by overcoming our sinful behaviors with loving ones.

8. DO YOGA!!!!!!!
We know why ;).

Find a new book that feeds your soul. Spend some time browsing in a bookstore and seeing what calls to you. Find a beautiful, peaceful place to relax and read.

Be intent on intention
Creativity encourages a positive energy flow and deepens our fulfill connection to the unique gifts bestowed on us by the universe. Feeling stuck, on the other hand, is a sign that you’re blocking the limitless possibilities the universe wishes to bless you with.
Harness the creative of power of your mind by holding the intention to deepen and enrich your spiritual practice.
Arrow-like intentions are more powerful than wants wishes and hopes. Be sure yours are pure.

Send good vibrations
Love is the antithesis of selfishness, jealousy and al behaviors that keep us in the illusion of separateness from the spirit of unconditional love within us. To deserve love, we must give love.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and let your mind settle.
Imagine a loved one or someone you know is having a tough time.
As you hold them in your mind’s eye, visualize sending them loving vibrations from your heart for a few minutes.

Show your Care
Generosity and kindness are forms of love.
Give your time to help someone in need or set up a standing order to a cause close to your heart.

Strengthen your psyche
Help eke yourself safe from psychic attack from lower entities and other people’s negativity by closing your eyes, stilling your mind and focusing on your third eye – between your eyebrows. Visualise a clear white light surrounding you and telepathically sask the Divine to protect you.

Fantasize about Fun
Mystics say that laughter is a music to God’s ears.  Before getting out of bed, sit up, close your eyes and visualize yourself dancing on a sunny beach for example!!!Feel uplifted

Celebrate Life
Turn up your favorite tune and dance around your room or house – that’s my saturday and sunday morning ritual!!

Choose to be happy and enjoy a wonderful, blissful future!

Detox your Mind

Well well well…

And here we are once again…We finally reached the last day of the month..This was a short month tho..Some are happy it ended, some are actually sad we are starting a new month Tomorrow. Some are worried because deadlines weren’t met but some are excited to start new projects from the 1st all the way throughout the month. 

Some of you are saying goodbye or hello to the Winter while others are welcoming Spring – that’s us in Macau…Not far, is finally the SUMMER….that’s the 4 Seasons rolling!

If you are caught in the typical January/February grey depressing days, if it’s a challenge for you to get that motivation and adrenaline going during theses days, weeks and are not the only one…sometimes it’s even hard for me…when i feel like that..i stay the whole day at home..i take care of Sienna and myself, i follow my rituals, my routine…i get into a cozy and comfortable cloth…and i let the day take it’s own pace…I drink my vanilla chais, i read my books, i play with my Daughter..and without thinking and noting, i’m feeding my energy levels !

Like i say to many of my clients and friends…”is ok to take a day off and do nothing”…Sometimes i get answers like “if i don’t do nothing, if i don’t leave home – i feel like i’ve wasted a day, i feel like i’ve waisted my time” – this is Hubby talking! “hmmmmmm no wonder you are quite stressed and over the edge sometimes, no wonder you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, no wonder you get easily annoyed, no wonder you worry every now and then” – that’s my answer…Does it sound familiar?

In order to see/analyze our life, we need to take a break sometimes and see the things from the outside. It’s good to be the expectator sometimes, to be seated in the audience, to let the game roll without you for a day…It is as important as fast once a week – something i do since i’ve learned the endless benefits of giving your body a break! If you body needs a break…imagine what your mind needs!

And that’s what we will see below…ways to Detox your Mind. Have a look

As Sandy C. Newbigging stresses: “I believe excessive thinking is one of the biggest problems on the planet. It is a major hidden cause of stress-induced ilness“.

We talk a lot these days about how to detox our body but not much about how to detox the mind. And it’s the overthinking mind full of chaos that holds us back from moving forward in life. It’s the overthinking mind that makes us feel anxious and worried about the future. It’s the overthinking mind that we need to better control in order to stop worrying and start living.
Over the past year, I have experimented with a number of life changes. These changes have helped me detox my mind from all the overthinking about life and career that I was doing. 

Equal in importance to cleansing your body of toxins is to detox your busy mind. Owing to the way the mind operates (by judging everything that happens as good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse and positive or negative) – if you spend your days thinking, you can end up stuck in a never-ending cycle of problem solving.
Also, owing to the mind and body connection, the unfortunate knnock-on effect of excessive thinking is a body under stress, living on an emotional rollercoaster, and, ultimately a sense of never feeling trully satisfied or sucessful in a business and life.

It’s by far the easiest and quickest way to allow your mind to become calm is through present moment attentiveness.
When you are present, you naturally step back from engaging in your mind and return to the still silent spacious aspect of yourself that is already calm.

When you engage that attentiveness through the present moment, you naturally disengage your busy mind – which is the ultimate mental detox. Simply let go of your habitual engagement in thinking by returning to that present moment attentiveness.

Here are four lessons I learned on how to detox your mind from overthinking:
1. Stop consuming the news.
I found that it caused me more stress than providing me with value. With consuming too much news, it causes our mind to think further and deeper about the topic that we read or hear about. Normally that’s not a bad thing, especially when we’re trying to understand the depth of something. But what I’ve observed is that my mind would burrow deeper into sometimes a worrisome place after hearing of all the uncertainty in the world around me.
Instead of exploring the possibilities and opportunities in life, reading about the uncertain nature of our world today caused me to start worrying and overthinking about my own future — my career, my relationships and my life. And there I stood: Stuck. Unable to move forward.
Here’s an added bonus of detoxing your mind from the news: We gain more time in our day to actually work towards our goals in life. We get to create!
2. Reduce stimulants (coffee, soda, etc.).
Giving up caffeine or reduce caffeine intake to maybe a cup a day, reduces overthinking! Reducing such stimulants helps detox the mind because we get rid of the ups and downs – no rush, no crash = less stress. The effects of coffee drinking are long-lasting and exaggerate the stress response both in terms of the body’s physiological response in blood pressure elevations and stress hormone levels.Refined sugar and processed foods for example, release sugar into the body too quickly and this increases the amount of insulin, which convinces our bodies to store fat rather than burn it, and alters our blood sugar levels.
The more uneven our blood sugar levels; the more uneven our moods – we get hungry, angry, depressed and upset and can’t think clearly. Eating something high in sugar turns this back again – temporarily. But this soon gives way to a crash, when we feel panicky and wired. 
The more your blood sugar levels fluctuate, the more likely you are to react badly to life’s stresses. And your reliance upon sugar becomes a trap.

3. Soak the mind with positive juices.
Our mind is a sponge. It absorbs almost everything it encounters. From the negative comment a work colleague made a year ago to some awful things we conjure up in our dreams, we can’t but help internalizing all the things our senses pick up. All the worries of the world get into our head and don’t seem to leave, causing us to overthink our lives and the actions we want to take.
You can take charge of what goes into my head and make the choice to fill it with positive thoughts. By proactively putting only positive things (words, messages, conversations, stories, pictures, etc.) into your mind you can feel that the overthinking will transform slowly into optimism.
4. Get up and get to work on a goal, a project or a specific task.
A negative result of overthinking is that it slows us down, inhibiting our growth, limiting our ability to have love, good relationships, fun in the moment and the pursuit of success in a business or a career.
One tip that I’ve learned that did more than detox my mind from overthinking is to turn my often worrisome thoughts about the future into effort and work. Taking action, doing something, working on your craft does wonders for your soul.
Putting action into motion when our mind starts to wander into a place has done great things to help redirect that often wasted energy into something useful – pursuit of your life goals or simply to have a good time in the moment. The reason action is a great way to detox from overthinking is that it forces our mind to concentrate on the things that our physical body is working on and has no choice but to assist the physical effort.
Every time you start overthinking and get into a spiral try this: change your physical position – sit up, change posture – and do something physical.
We detox our body because we want to look good and feel good. I believe that increasingly we need to detox our mind from all the overthinking because we have a love to pursue, a career to grow, a business to launch and a life to live. This is our time, our journey and our mind. What we choose to put into it is our choice.
Accept. Don’t overthink. Move forward and embrace the chaos.