30’s with Love & Luxury

14 days have passed since my 30th Birthday!And what a day!!Been spoiled from morning to evening by my Family and Friends!Felt so special.

Like i told you, i have spent my Birthday in Singapore…and the Day was perfect even though it was raining…it didn’t bother at all!

The started early…way to early, in fact i was the 1st one waking up..Hubby and Sienna woke up an hour later!I believe i have been staring at them for that long…such a beautiful image!I also took advantage to replay my 30 years of existence in my mind…Where it all started and where i am now..it has been an absolutely roller coaster ride with more ups than down!!!And i can’t thank enough to all the people who contributed to my happiness until today..You shaped me, You made the Woman i am Today and without you i wouldn’t be shinning. In special my Family, my Husband and my Amazing Friends. I Love you with all my heart.

I was soo looking forward to the day, i had no idea what Hubby been planing and organizing!!I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!

Breakfast in bed was served at 9:00am and the day itinerary was explained by my Husband with an excited Sienna watching her favorite cartoons surrounded by her bears…

A driver/guide would be waiting for us at the Four Seasons entrance, where he would take us for a City Tour for 2 hours.

At 12.30 Pampered Pre Natal Massage at the Spa

At 15 High Tea at The Saint Regis – Hubby tried his best to book a table at Raffles but it was fully booked for a few days already (we still visited…what a charming iconic place)

19 Birthday Dinner

Wow!!!I got sooooo excited with everything…Loved everything!!!

Being pregnant and with a 19month old, we had to time and coordinate everything with rest, nap times and Sienna’s feeding time…it went spot on..I rested when i needed to and Sienna slept when she was supposed to!!Everything went perfect!

I managed to take a few pictures of St.Regis High tea that i highly recommend. The atmosphere, sophistication,luxury, elegance and attention to detail ruled that stunning lobby lounge. Totally different from High Teas i am used to…Service was excellent and the piano playing in the background made me very emotional once or twice. My High Tea was served with one of their fantastic teas and hubby’s with amazing bubbly!I was absolutely impressed with their teas options…some TWG’s exclusive blends, others home blends…the Menu was just fantastic!

It was a memorable day, that ended with the Dinner at a very popular Singaporean Restaurant where i was dying to try the so famous Chilli Crab. It was not Jumbo in Clark Quay – was fully booked, but it was an equally good one. It didn’t disappoint at all!It was a very interesting experience surrounded by locals and foreigners…probably Expats and Tourists like us.

I was sad day was over…it also meant that our getaway was reaching the end…and soon was time to return home…

We spent 6Days and 5Nights in this city that we might call one day : Home.What i liked the most:

Our spacious room and bathroom at The Four Season, Gardens, how Green the city is, Marina Bay Sands Lunch Buffet – wow!!!!, The Raffles, My Birthday Day, St.Regis’s High Tea, fact that everybody speaks english, Sentosa’s residences 😉 The deal is to come back next year, spend more time, and explore the city in a non very turistical eyes!

Until next time Singapore

Cheers to new beginnings!!

It’s 3pm in Macau. Sunday, August 10th!!! And i couldn’t be happier to type this post. Baby Sienna is sleeping next to me and i’m truly inspired, ready to dig in!

I love Sundays like this. We woke up early, had our breakfast and hit the streets for a “power” walk…not so power as i’m still pregnant and even though i wanted to push a little bit harder, my body was saying “SLOW DOWN”. As i was walking, a to do list kept rolling in my mind…there is a lot to do, specially pack for our 5 days get away. I was starting to feel the excitement as i went further in my list…things like: update the blog, post in Instagram, update Sattva’s website, update Sattva’s Facebook page, reply to emails, have lunch and rest…oh yes…rest!

In precisely 5 days, both my Brother and I are blowing candles..again…another year has passed and soooooo much have happened since August 15th 2013! I can only seat back, think…actually, i don’t need to think…memories are very vivid in my and my families’ minds.

I think i told you before that always bothered me turning one year older. Specially when i turned 20…i was in Italy studying and the fact that i was becoming a “wenty” truly bothered me. I started to panic and stress long months before August! Nobody could understand me but the people who suffered from the same “anxiety”.

Like i mentioned before, i am actually ok to turn 1 year older. And what a Year!!I am turning 30 in 5 days time. Celebrations will take place in Singapore with my little Family, and a Lunch/Dinner with Family and Friends once we are back. It’s actually ok to say goodbye to one of the best times ever…The twenties.

I am very thankful and extremely grateful for what i always had and have. It’s amazing to look back and see my 30 years Journey…i am in a very interesting phase of my life and i can’t wait to see what this year and the Thirties will bring me..It’a a new chapter, a new story, a new book to write…a new beginning. Everybody says 30’s are the new 20’s!!Bring it on, i am ready for ya!!!!!More on my Birthday from Singapore Land.


These Last 2 weeks been extremely busy and important weeks! A lot of thinking, decision making and work was done…we are well aware that will keep being like this….after all, we are about to launch SATTVA JUICERY in Macau!!!!!We are mega excited with this project. Both my partner and I, aka my Beautiful Sister are full on and can’t wait to start seeing the hard work and dedication paying off.

Love us and Follow us in Facebook: Sattva Juicery and Instagram: @sattvajuicery, #sattvajuicerymacau, #sattvajuicery


Different colors for different purpose. There’s the white logo as well.

A part from Sattva, there is Shavasana Holistic Wellness, my first baby, before all the other babies…

Shavasana was born after i finished my Yoga Teacher Training Course with the goal of healing my Family and Friends through my areas of expertise: spa therapies, massages, yoga, facials, and then, Holistic Nutrition, Naturopathy and Wellness & Nutrition Coaching. Without realizing, i was building my very own Holistic Wellness Center. Last month, i decided to create a logo for Shavasana and take the very next step -> register the Company.

Both this projects been nurturing my mind for some time now…why wait?why not act now?That’s what i did from the night to the day. Today, all Sattva’s legal paper work is ready and Shavasana’s will be next as soon as i arrive from holidays.


We never know what the future has in store for us…and for me, being a pilot’s Wife is no different. We don’t know if we are staying longer, leaving soon…is a “?” that only time will tell. But hey, wherever i go, i am taking this Babies with myself…this is just the beginning of something really cool, of an adventure that i have been thinking for a while…and i can’t wait to see where this is all heading.

After the launch of Sattva Juicery, i will take a mini break and dedicate myself to the arrival of my baby number 2, which is due Nov.14th!It’s a busy year and i can only see that 2015 will be hectic but exciting.

We have Sattva Juicery rolling, my new role as freelance Spa Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Wellness and Nutrition Counselor for the upcoming hotels in Macau – more about this soon – trips and holidays in Europe to plan, moving or not from Macau!!!uh la la

A part from my career that suddenly saw a huge curve towards the business path, i can’t forget i have a Family at home. Being a career women like me with owning 2 Business i will always put my Family and Family needs first, no matter what. It’s a vow i did way before i met my Prince Charming. And the reasons why i am doing this, is to be as close to my kids as possible and watch them grow…in Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, wherever.