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New Year

Happy and Healthy 2015 Everybody!!

Hope you started well 2015…the 1st month of 12 is almost over…Can you believe that X’mas was 1 month ago? How did your holidays go?Are you back to your normal routine?What about your New Year’s resolutions?I have done a few and so far i am sticking to them religiously.

I am so excited to finally resume my work out routine…My pregnancy weight is reaching it’s final days with 1.5 kg left! I am back with my running and cardio sessions too…PLUS my yoga sequences…i missed it so much!Glad i am finally back…the best part is that i am managing well to adjust my schedules with feeding Maya, run my Company and dedicate my full attention to my Family.

For the busy bees like myself, this month flew – again – Was so intense but so good and exciting that i can’t wait to see what February has in store for us.

Sattva Juicery is 100% operational with gaining more clients, followers, lovers and fans Every new day! The Juicery is back after a 2 month break and for a month the ladies haven’t done nothing else then Press and Advise !!The Journey has been amazing and the responde overwhelming.

2015 will be a year of new opportunities, new business, loads of travelling and loads of challenges too!We are packing our bags to visit the Middle East and Denmark in May, Spain and the South of Europe in July, August probably Bali and December somewhere nice and warm too….We can’t wait for that!!!I will make sure to Blog all about it…i will definitely take you with me in these fantastic Journeys.

Love and Stay Healthy