Raw Vegan Desserts!!


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As we have seen, a whole-foods, plant-based diet has been proven in countless studies and personal experiences to be excellent for long-term health, and the best lifestyle choice for the planet and certainly our animal friends. 

In many cases, cooking and refining our food can destroy much of the vital nutrition we need to thrive. Fruits, veggies nuts and seeds are often most nutritious in their raw, whole state. They are able to retain the most vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, which all play maker roles in sustainable wellness and a happy, long life. There’s an abundance of evidence to show that eating a whole-foods, vegan diet with plenty of raw food is the optimal way of eating for most individuals; but i think the best way to decide what kind of diet is best for you is to experiment and find what makes you happiest. Personally, with no doubts, i feel my best, with more energy and happiest when eating this way.

There are no basics for raw food. There’s really not too much one need to know about the ins and outs of creating raw vegan cuisine.

What is in raw vegan desserts? Nuts, seeds, fruit, coconut, cacao and other superfood.


What’s not in them? Dairy, refined sugar, processed flour, eggs. gluten and other junk your body doesn’t need.

One thing i love about this way of eating is that everything is simplified, easier and quicker. No cooking (and not much cleaning) required.

Why soak the nuts? Soaking nuts in water for about 3 hours then thoroughly rinsing them, increases their flavour and your body can absorb more nutrients from them. Soaking nuts also helps make the recipes creamier – which is often what you want.

Buy nuts in bulk, soak them all at once, rinse them and then freeze them.

The raw dessert recipes are made up primarily of fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut and sometimes oats or buckwheat groats. These wholesome, simple, nutritious ingredients can be transformed into decadent, awe-inspiring , jaw-dropping desserts that will make everyone ask for more.

I can’t get tired of saying that i’m a great believer that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up amazing flavour and indulgence. You should be able to have your cake and eat it too absolutely guilt free.

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