Last December I had vowed to kick start 2017 in the most healthy and active way possible and make an effort to pay extra attention to myself. Not because I was out of shape or looking or feeling unhealthy but because I still didn’t have established a fixed workout routine for myself. Last December, we celebrated 3.5 months of being an expat in Hong Kong and in this lovely part of Lantau Island – Discovery Bay. Last December 31st – (maybe not realizing at the moment) I was extremely exhausted – tired and absolutely eager to start the New Year a fresh. Don’t take me wrong, 2016 was a Year full of positive realisations. New chapters were written and new beginnings were celebrated with new pregnancies, new babies, new friends, new challenges, new city, new home, new lifestyle, new furniture…new lives for me and my Family, for my Sister and my Brother’s Family…Their Families were suddenly welcoming their first bundle of Joy.

2016 was a great busy Year and it will be forever remembered.

 I was not just welcoming another year; I was also welcoming another fantastic New Year. I have filled my 2017 calendar with projects, goals, routines, fitness classes, fitness courses, trips and travels, business plans and business expansion…Little I knew I was also welcoming a miracle that will complete our Family of Four in October 2017.

Mid January 2017 came and so did the news I was going to be a Mother for the 3rd time. The news came as a surprise of course and came at a time when we were about to get settled in our new home and new lifestyle. I keep thinking of the times I have heard and read “I got pregnant as soon as we relocated” and I always thought, “wow” – planned or unplanned, some how, a pregnancy always tend to happen just before, while or just after you moved…sounds familiar?

My Husband had such a hectic flying month that we also found pretty amazing how we managed to hit the “jackpot” and make this wonderful miracle a reality. Like many say and i believe:

“It was meant to be”

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 15.56.28 

Like in previous pregnancies, I felt anxious, happy, and scared at the same time – and guilty, of course, for guessing my Husband’s reaction and worried about not being the Mom that Sienna and Maya needed specially during the 1st trimester…Another big concern of mine was wondering how in the world I could slow down and take it easy during this pregnancy when we have just moved, when you have 2 toddlers, when your husband’s schedule is a busy one and you don’t have the help you need around you. But also – like in previous pregnancies I wanted to make sure I would enjoy and embrace the Journey from the beginning till end, specially knowing that this could be my last pregnancy. I promised myself to do everything that I didn’t do while pregnant the other two times including: capturing every moment, record all the pregnancy’s milestones and beyond, have as many scans as possible, share as much as possible with the Girls and make them part of this beautiful journey, be active, plenty of sea sand and sun, enroll in pre-natal classes, download as many pregnancy apps as possible (just the good and informative ones), have a gender reveal Baby Shower, finally have a Maternity and New Born photoshoot session (will be super fun to have the girls participating too), be sure that Hubby will be next to me during birth, finally launch my pre-natal exercise sequences…so many things that I’m actually concerned if I’ll have time to do everything I plan, but one thing is for sure, i won’t stress about it and let things roll naturally.