A Holistic approach

All about Nurturing and loving yourself!

In this twenty-first century that we live today, we have an abundance of knowledge in human health and wellness and this knowledge is increasing at a staggering speed. Fresh insight and information were discovered all the time to help us better understand ourselves. This makes us think on what it means to be truly human and to be truly at peace in all dimensions of our being, be it our body, mind or spirit. It is important that we make use of this great knowledge and information that we have today to improve our personal wellness and to reach our highest human potential.

Holistic emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. It is the recognition that what affects one part or system affects the whole body. A holistic approach to health is multi-faceted and mindful of the consequences of our habits and actions.

Today, we know that true health is not just about taking care of the physical body. Gone are the days when taking care of your health only means eating right, having a good physique and staying healthy. What is equally important now is the health of our mind and spirit. This showed a trend toward a more holistic health that has been slowly gaining in momentum and popularity in our society today. Today, new attitudes and openness toward progressive health and lifestyle practices can be seen in the numbers of people exploring alternative and Eastern medicine and exercises such as yoga and tai chi and finding new awareness spiritually.

It is a known fact that many people buy self-help books, hoping that it will help them to achieve wellness. If they think that they lack fitness and energy, they will buy diet and fitness books to give them the energy and enthusiasm that they lack. When they see that there is no change in their energy level, they buy inspirational books to help them to find purpose in their lives. Although all this seems to be good methods, these will give us inconsistent results. This is because when trying to apply these lessons in isolation from the others we are likely to forget that all these elements are inter-related. Each time when we start on a new topic, we will overlook the previous lesson that we have read as we focus on the new information at hand. These fragmented ideas of wellness will not help us to achieve maximum result that we desired. It only gives a small useful insight into an issue.


For us to get the maximum results, we need to integrate all of these different elements together so that we can experience balanced and incremental growth in all aspects of our life simultaneously. We need to abandon our traditional thinking of segregated approach, of only focusing and concentrating on one discipline in isolation from the ret at time. We need to have a macro view, a broader perspective of a complete, interwoven understanding. We need to realize that a truly holistic wellness needs the combination of a healthy body,a healthy mind and a joyful and fulfilling spiritual life. We now know that to have strong and healthy bodies, we need to have healthy minds and to have healthy minds, we need the support of a happy and fulfilling spiritual life. A healthy spiritual life, in turn will influence our physical well-being. From this, we can see how all the components work together and influence each other to affect the person health as a whole.

We need to stop attacking problems in our lives individually and know that every lifestyle choice that we made will affect the whole life. Changes that we make in our lifestyles must respect the holistic nature of our experiences. This will help us to improve every aspect of our overall health. To be in a truly optimum health is not easy nor will it be fast. It cannot come to us overnight, but change for the better we willbe, if we start applying now the holistic approach to health in our life.

Just remember that to have a balance and well-meaning life,the first steps that we need is to ensure the health of our mind. The mind controls our physical activity and helps to frame our spiritual life. To have a healthy mind, we need to have clear thinking, true happiness and confidence in our life. Next, we need to know how to nurture our body to have a healthy physical body. This will enable us to partake in all of our worldly activities, as well as our mental and spiritual pursuits. Lastly, we need to realize that our spiritual life is the one that will finally shapes the overall health of our entire being. So nourishing our spiritual life with compassion, forgiveness and purpose is essential to have a happy and fulfilling spiritual life for it to perform its job well. So, take control of your life today and start your journey to become a truly healthy person.






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