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Thank you for visiting Lifestyle in Shavasana I’m Mariana and if we haven’t met yet, nice to meet you. I’m glad you’re here! As a Fitness and Wellness enthusiast – some call me freak – with a passion and obsession for living a Healthy Lifestyle, i’m a Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified in Spa Management & Holistic Treatments,Certified Detoxification Specialist, I’m the Spa Coordinator and Trainer of one of the 5 stars Resort in Macau – and holder of Higher Diplomas in Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Wellness Coaching… You are in the right place you are in good hands!!

Because i was seeing the effects that stress caused to people around me, their lack of proper diet, lack of nutrition knowledge, lack of exercise and motivation was making my friends and friends of friends lazy, lethargic, tired, bored and in an unhealthy routine. Helping them was the first step I took towards an amazing journey of changing people’s life! After 3.5 years of teaching yoga and being in the Wellness Industry for nearly 9 years – performing therapeutic massages and treatments to improve my family and friends life, I realized that I was reaching a stage where the food and nutrition component had to be included in order to spread and promote the body & mind awareness and connection.

Being active, healthy and aware that my body runs better when I nourish it with natural, unprocessed, low sugar foods and that I feel strong and energized when I repeat a few yoga sequences I knew I had to add the next step to my “combo” and that’s when my Diet and Holistic Nutrition Diploma Course came in extremely handy! First came the Holistic Nutrition and then came the Sports Nutrition! With all this achievements, i managed to assist clients and students privately, building programs, routines and packages based on their health and individual needs. One of my biggest projects was to create and introduce 8 Wellness programs under my name, to one of the many 5 starts Resorts in Macau, the 1st project ever for this Hotel chain. It’s overwhelming to see how hard work pays off, especially when doing it with passion. Sky is indeed the limit! I love what i do. I love learning and exploring. I’m a big believer that you are never too old to start something new. This Journey of mine is bringing incredible benefits to myself and my loved ones,…the “package” is almost completed but far from over…the more i learn, the more i want to know!There is always new trends, new waves, new tendencies to follow!!

With 30 years of age I couldn’t be more fulfilled and grateful for what I have accomplished. I am currently waiting for my Naturopathy Diploma where subjects like Flower Remedies, Holistic skin Care Products, Herbalism and Life Coaching were included.

I’m the proud Founder and Owner of Lifestyle in Shavasana, which is under Shavasana – a Sanctuary of Holistic Wellness – a place of holistic wellness and wellbeing and Founder and Co-Owner of Sattva from which Sattva Juicery and Natural Products Limited was born. These two projects started as dreams and now they are becoming a very true reality…

I’m more eager in continuing meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, helping them discovering their bodies and reach levels they never thought they could. It’s like having my dreams coming true step by step, little by little. I am loving the whole process, and the help and support of Family and Friends have been outstanding…Since they day i have started until today, there is nothing i regret or wish i could have done differently…It has been extremely rewarding! Looking forward to see what’s next!

As a mom of 2 Baby girls – My Stars, My Treasures, My Motivation – Maya and Sienna – being active and healthy has become more important than ever and I’m more eager in continuing meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, helping them discovering their bodies and reach levels they never thought they could.

I guarantee that All you need is WILL POWER, MOTIVATION, CONSISTENCY, DETERMINATION and PATIENCE In order to create your Zen Garden…i always compare life and our body to this and all kinds of gardens that need love, care, dedication and tranquility in order to bloom, flourish and live a long healthy life.

My approach to living healthy has been shaped by lots of reading and research from people like: Dr. Oz; Fitness Models/Writers Jamie Eason, Monica Brant, and Tosca Reno; Chef Ellie Kreiger; Personal Trainers Bob Greene and Jillian Michaels; and Food Writer Michael Pollan. I also read magazines like Top health & Beauty, Natural Health, Whole Living, Shape, Women’s Health among others. But my true inspiration came from my family and friends. Thanks to them i am here ready to share with you what i know best: my knowledge, tips and suggestions to make you feel good and happy with yourself.

I wish Lifestyle in Shavasana will be a place of encouragement, support, and motivation to make your journeys toward health and fitness more doable and fun. I’ll post fitness and yoga tips, my own workout routines and schedules, as well as all things related to living a healthful lifestyle. You can also find easy and effective DIY spa body treatments, home-made products and Spa rituals that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own bathroom, check the “Spa at Home”corner for my suggestions. Nutrition and Wellness coaching and yummy recipes that you can do at home – budget friendly – I guarantee – are one of the blog’s highlights too.

Enjoy your Journey







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