The Day we met Maya.

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Wednesday, November 5th 2014.

It was a beautiful Autumn sunny morning. Typic of Macau at this time of the year. Chilled mornings and warm afternoons. In fact, the nicest day of the week as temperatures dropped and grey skies and rain ruled during the whole week.

Alarm rang at 7 am like always…and there i was…nervous, excited, anxious but with a sense of calmness at the same time. Said good morning to Hubby and gave a kiss to my 23 months old Daughter Sienna.

I sat down in bed, an rub my bump…wondering if that was going to be the last time i would rub it and feel the baby moving or, if i had another week in front of me/us. (i had 2 dates for my c-section, Nov.5th and the 12th).

Filled my lungs with air and stood up…went over my maternity bags, to make sure i was not forgetting anything, in case i was giving birth that day.

Messages from friends and family kept coming as they all new there could be a possibility of the baby be born that day.

We left home at 8:15am…Sienna was happy and in good mood…she was having breakfast while watching Princess Sofia…her fav. I left happy and confident that she was going to be fine.

The day Sienna was born, pictures were taken from everywhere…starting at the carpark. I thought about it for this time as well, but something was telling me that we coming back home after the Dr’s appointment at 9am. In fact, both Hubby and I were pretty convinced that another week would be given to us. I keep saying and thinking that i have been through everything during this pregnancy, and agree and confirm that no pregnancy is the same…Been through everything until the due date..not knowing exactly when the baby was going to be born…Was a mixed feeling as contraction couldn’t come and labour couldn’t start either…In normal cases you sit and wait,,,i call it the waiting game, specially when you pass the due date!In my case, and for the 2nd time: no labour, no contractions, no water breaking, no back pain…nothing…

Ride to the hospital was easy and smooth…Music playing in the background, talk was nice and again, the weather was very pleasant…was a nice pleasant morning.

As we arrive at the Hospital carpark, we did what we were told to do…enroll ourselves at the Urgency Entrance…from there, i started to panic a little bit….a whole dejavú scenario, hospital smell, i admit i had to give a few deep breaths and tell myself to stay calm. That 3rd floor where pregnant women/non pregnant women kept coming, the floor where decisions are made, the floor where good news and bad news are shared!The floor where anxious parents and families are waiting for the news…the delivery ward floor, the waiting room floor, the floor i was told that my 1st baby was going to be born, the floor i was told i had had a miscarriage, the floor i was told that that this 2nd baby had to be born today, otherwise i am putting into risk her and my health. What an emotional elevator ride, what an emotional morning….everything happened soo fast!

I saw my Dr. at 9 am…actually, i went in the consultation room 1st to answer the same old same old questions….Hubby had to stay outside, he had no idea what was going on. After that, my heart rate and baby’s heart rate had to be monitored…for 40min….i remember being laid in bed reading my book…what comfort me was that, and my Penhaligon’s perfume in my pashmina. Nurse – not very friendly – kept coming and going…After 40min, i was told to wait at the waiting room with my husband, since they would call me soon….After 5 min, “Mariana” was said…we both stood up and we were ready to see the doctor….to our surprise, it was a different Dr, that knew nothing about my history…we asked to speak with our dr. (i could even hear the nurse mentioning to call the Dr. as he had no idea of my pregnancy history)…he was even asking why i was going for a c-section!After a few minutes, my Dr. (i will never forget her name) finally showed up…we were so happy to see her…in fact, i saw her once while being monitored…

She took us to a private room, where we stayed for 30min.In this 30min she explained that she thought it was better i had the c-section today because she could see that i had a contraction during those 40min. Was a small one, but it was a contraction. My heart jumped.Both Hubby and i made a lot of question, the pros and cons of making a c-section before the Baby is at least 39 – 40 weeks,..etc..i couldn’t think. Dr. explained very patiently and very detailed the situation. The pros and cons of waiting another week etc…

I told the Dr, that i rather wait until the 12th…and she told me “my heart just sank”…of course is the patient’s decision…the Dr. is there to tell us what is the best…and like the nurse told me later: “when in doubt, always follow what the Dr. advise”. At some point, hubby and her were looking at me both telling me with their looks – have it today to save yours and your babies’ life. I knew i was being stubborn and not thinking logically…i knew they were right….but was a lot to take in at once. With me was very simple….since i got pregnant 1year and 2 months after a C-section, and with my placenta laying low, i couldn’t risk starting labour and contractions as this could result in uterine rupture. Since there was already a contraction, why risk?why risk Mariana?

After 30min…i said “ok, let’s do it today”!Baby with no name yet was going to be born today!Smiles and words of encouragement were given. I was safe in her hands…nervous but i knew i was safe. Filled my lungs with air again, and couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that in a few hours i would be cuddling my little bundle of joy.

Paper work was filled, details were given…we asked when the surgery would happen…It was exactly 10.30…Dr. said, we will try to do before lunch time, we need to contact the whole team and see if the theater is available.

We went outside and start making calls to Family…Father and Sisters. I was nervous, with tears rolling in my eyes, i was anxious, i was happy but extremely hummmmm not disappointed…i was a little bit upset with giving birth at 38weeks +…All Drs. guarantee that the baby is full term and healthy. There was nothing to fear about. They explained that keeping the baby for longer would make the baby bigger and the lining thinner…so i kept thinking about our safety. Again, why risk a uterine rupture?!

At 11:05 i hug hubby, again with tears of joy and anxiety rolling…pictures were taken and there i entered in the delivery ward for them to prep me for a c-section. I knew the drill, i knew all the steps…i knew everything as if it was yesterday that i gave birth to Sienna…The image of a c-section and the whole prep kept crossing my mind since the first day i learned i was pregnant BUT it was more real, the moment i arrived at the hospital…i guess that was quite disturbing also…it was like a movie playing…i was telling myself “now they will do this, now they will do that”…the feeling of going in with a bump and leave with an empty one, the corridors, the nurses, the changing of beds, the lifts…all in my head.

What made me calm as soon as i arrive at the delivery ward?hearing a baby crying. I told to myself.,in a few hours i will hear mine crying and everything would be over…I dried my tears, deep breaths in and said “let’s do it”. gave myself in.

Wanted to see hubby one last time before, but i couldn’t as i was going to follow the internal corridors until the theater. Meanwhile, the Dr. saw me again, hold my hand, tried to calm me down and said everything was going to be fine…

11:10 it was the time they wrote in my i.v. bandaid….at 11.22 i entered the theater with familiar faces and nurses speaking portuguese. This time, i was speaking with the nurses, i shared a smile when i saw a familiar face, we spoke…I paid attention to the room, the green room, i saw the machines around..i really wanted to see how things were done…the team was calm, speaking normally, sharing laughs, talking about the next patient…it was a normal wednesday morning for them..i tried to keep myself calm too…but everything changed a little bit after…when i couldn’t understand why it took 6 tries to make the spinal anesthesia work..i was nervous, in pain, in a uncomfortable position, everybody telling me not to move/talk when i was not doing any of that!!!it was traumatic…

I won’t go into details of the c-section…i can just tell that this time was way more painful then the first. Not painful but more uncomfortable, more feelings, more sensitivity, more a lot of things then with the 1st one…Maybe i was more aware this time, my body been through it before…i don’t know…need to see why it was more challenging this time around. Next day i woke up so sore that i couldn’t move naturally…i could only move to the sides and with a lot of effort – wanted to breasted so bad!

The moments i will never forget during the c-section:

  • The nurse holding my hand, comforting me, telling everything was fine..
  • The Dr. telling me that i did the right choice in having the operation that day as my uterine lining was very thin
  • The moment the nurse told me my baby was going to be born
  • 12:02 – the time my baby was born and it was showed to me in the mids of smiles and congratulations. i had tears of joy – only joy and happiness rolling my eyes…
  • She was shown to me 2 times and in this 2 times i thought she looked just like me.
  • The moment the operation was finally over and i said my thanks your to everyone..i was o grateful for having such amazing team of Dr. and nurses with me until the end…also apologized for the screaming and unsettlement.

Once operation was done, i went to the observation room, where the nurse handed her phone to call hubby…he was soo surprised i called, i had no voice of energy to talk…i just told him we were fine and everything was over. I don’t think he had seen the Baby by that time..While Moms stay at the observation room, the Babies go to the Maternity ward on the 2nd floor.…i believe it was 12:45 and the nurse told me to tell him to go and have some lunch and comeback after 1h….aiii it was over…:) and i could see my daughter. Another extremely painful procedure was made there at the observation room, to make sure everything was sealed properly…that was pain…pure pain that i won’t forget.

During the 1h observation i spoke with the nice, so grateful, words can’t describe….i rested, and rub my bump…that feeling of emptiness made me a bit sad but so relief and happy that we were both fine…operation went perfectly…so why be sad at that stage?I sent that thought away and filled my body with beautiful thoughts, positive energies and vibrations….maybe that’s why i left the hospital after 3 days?maybe that’s why my recovery is going so well and fast…maybe that’s why i managed to stand up, wash myself and breastfeed with no problems the 24h after…i don’t know, i can’t tell. The fact i had to come home to my Baby Sienna and Hubby also contributed and keep contributing for my fast recovery.

Maya, is her name. The decision was done while i was having cirgury..My Family was there, waiting for me, saying that Maya is beautiful, a Star, a Sparkle, a Princess, Perfect Perfect…i couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms and tell her how much i love her.

She was born with 47cm, and with 2.855kg…smaller than Sienna but a fighter just like her Sister. She is beautiful, perfect and healthy!

The moment i held Maya for the 1st tie in the middle of pain and joy, tears and happiness is that moment that i will treasure for life and the moment Sienna saw her Sister for the first time was priceless…such a loving and meaningful moment for all of us.

Giving Birth is definitely – in my opinion – the most beautiful and painful moment in a women’s life. You can’t control your hormones and feelings that are pretty mixed. You are in pain but it’s a pain for love. You feel joy and happiness but at the same time there is fear and pain, tears of excitement are mixed with tears of pain! Once you put your baby in the world you forget all about what you have been through, because the feeling of having your baby in the arms make it all soo worth it and for me, i know i would be through it all over again with no doubts!Such a a beautiful and magical Moment of our lives.

After 3 days, we were told we could go home. The new life as a parent of 2 under 3 was soon to begin!!

We are all in love with her. Now everybody is asking when is the boy arriving? Well, i promised the nurse that i would wait at least 18months-2 years to get pregnant again :)…Is Hubby onboard?not really but, i can always hope and wish for a 3rd one!




From the Hedegaards with Love

Looking great during Pregnancy

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When you are newly expecting and starting to contemplate what you will look like in maternity clothes, you’ll inevitably start seeing heavily pregnant women in dungarees, duck-patterned huge shirts, and unflattering training pants all around. Does pregnancy mean that you are convicted to looking ridiculous as soon as you start “showing”? Will you have to say goodbye to your fashion sense and accept your destiny of looking horrible? Not at all! You may have to be a bit more creative to look great in pregnancy, though.

Here are five tips that will help you get through your pregnancy fashionably.

1. Waist-expanders and belly bands are great!
In the early stages of pregnancy, and perhaps even beyond, waist-expanders are your friend. They will allow you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes much longer. Once your shirts are getting too short, another great accessory is the belly band. They come in many different colors and with prints as well, and they allow you to wear your regular shirts without having a bare belly. You can wear them under or over shirts.

2. Invest in fewer quality pieces
Maternity clothes can be very nice, but the more high-end items tend to be pricey. Remember that pregnancy only lasts nine months, and that you will be wearing maternity clothes of less than that. You can get away with having three pants, a skirt, a dress, five shirts and jacket or two just fine, as long as the clothes you have are nice and of good quality.

3. Buy online
Online maternity stores offer a lot more variety. Whether you are after a gothic look or need professional maternity wear for at work, you will find it online, and for less money than in maternity boutiques. Online discussion forums for pregnant women often have great tips about online shops for maternity wear.

4. Tunics and A-line dresses can be your new best friends
Some of the non-maternity tunics and short, A-line dresses that I bought during my last pregnancy three years ago are still favorites in my wardrobe. These flexible pieces can help you look great while you are suffering from pregnancy signs and symptoms, and will even hide your postpartum belly after you give birth. You can wear short dresses with pants while you are expecting, and return them to regular dress duty once you give birth.

5. Accessorize
Are you a shopaholic? You may be better off investing money in great accessories that you will be able to use after pregnancy too, while keeping your maternity wardrobe relatively simple. Bags, scarves, and shoes, won’t be too big for you once you have your baby. Mind you, some women actually go up one shoe size after a pregnancy, so that is something you should keep in mind. modern-bohemian-final-design MaternityStyle-500 kate-fashion--z bump-split--z a4a3eea6c0505269df53a77ff9ef6eec 1786371348pret-a-pregnant_maternity-look_fashionable-pregnant_style-it-twice-topshop Pregnancy-Fashion

My Pregnancy Must Haves

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When you’re expecting, there are tons of things you need to shop for — those little babies require plenty of stuff! But what about you? With a growing belly come swollen feet, nausea, and cravings…it doesn’t seem to get any better, specially at the very end of your 40 week’s Journey. Here’s a list of stuff especially for you when you’re pregnant. Life savers for me…have a look.

1 – Bella Band: “When you first start showing, maternity pants are too big and your regular pants are too tight. Slip on the Bella Band, and you can leave your pants unbuttoned and no one knows!”

2 – Pregnancy Pillow: Pregnancy can bring with it a variety of aches and pains, as well as considerable challenges for comfortably sleeping through the night,Not every pregnancy pillow is of the same quality, materials, and design. Pillows can be manufactured with different purposes in mind. You can buy a pillow according to your specific needs, depending on what causes you discomfort. Buy a pregnancy pillow carefully to make sure you get your money’s worth and solve your sleeping ails.

3 – For sensitive lips like mine, i invested in a good lip balm to hydrate my dry lips.

4 – Keeping your Skin Healthy and Hydrated: During pregnancy, skin can become drier, duller and even dotted with blemishes due to hormonal changes. Adapt your daily skin care routine to address these new concerns.
DRY SKIN: complement your beauty routine with a moisturising mask.
DULL COMPLEXION: treat your skin to a course of vitamins by applying a facial oil at night before you go to sleep.
BLEMISHES: exfoliate regularly, use targeted products and above all, don’t touch the affected areas of your skin.I won’t betray my Origins for any other brand.

5 – Stretch Marks: In cases of rapid weight gain, unsightly purplish-pink lines may appear on the stomach, hips, breasts and the backs of arms; anywhere where the skin is overstretched. These are, of course, stretch marks. To minimize and prevent their formation:1
Strive to keep it balanced. Reasonable and steady weight gain over the months you are pregnant is advised.
Boost your skin’s resistance by applying a cream or nourishing oil daily. Pay particular attention to the breast, stomach and hip areas. From the six-month stage onwards, apply both morning and evening.

6 – Good Books. I have been reading “Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Lives” by the Guru Depaak Chopra

7 – Good Playlist in your ipod and Amazing TV series

8- Cloth that are proper for your pregnant body complemented with fantastic accessories. Not to mention the comfy shoes.

9 – Like the rest of your body, your breasts are changing too, becoming bigger and more sensitive to the touch. Chalk up this metamorphosis to hormonal shifts, weight gain, an expanding rib cage, and, later in pregnancy, mammary glands that are preparing to make milk for your baby.While it may be tempting to make do with the bras you have (think of the savings!), it’s best to invest in a few good bras. Your growing breasts are heavier – the developing glandular tissues can add on a few ounces per breast, at least – and deserve some comfy support.

10 – BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today is the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app from the world’s most trusted pregnancy and parenting resource. Simply enter your baby’s due date, and BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today turns your phone into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby’s birth and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.

11 – Pampering time – Please don’t forget about this. Unwind with Spa Massages, Facials, Waxes, Mani and Pedi, get your hair cut…don’t get sluggish and lazy…you need to take care of yourself and keep the standards up high for hubby hey 😉

12 – Date Night – it’s as important as bonding with your Baby. Keep the tight strong with your partner!!!!And put on your sexy heels and tight dress to show off your Mommy Curves!

13 – Herbal Teas

14 – Sattva Juicery Juices and Smoothies!!!!

15 – Good and Healthy Snacks, rich in good fats like Walnuts and Almonds




Beat the Bloat

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Eat the way your digestive system wants you to and you’ll feel better than ever.

Have you ever felt tired and slugish after eating? Or wandered why your stomach makes weird sounds? The answer could be that your meal contained too many complex food combinations for adequate digestion.

The most common health complaints are linked to poor digestion. Many people rely on antacids to curb digestive discomfort, while others simply resign themselves to living with these symptoms.

Understanding how to optimize digestive function is essential for greater health. And the good news is, it’s easy when you know how!


There are four main digestive processes:

Digestion, Absorption, Assimilation and Elimination.

Has your mouth ever watered before eating something good? When we first see, or smell and begin to chew food, our mouths secrete digestive enzymes to break it down. Once the food goes into the stomach and depending on the type of food, the digestive organs release the appropriate enzymes.

Problems begin when we eat foods that are incompatible

How does this affect you? The body uses tremendous amounts of energy when it attempts to break down foods that are not compatible in the stomach. This, can create large energy dips after eating and can lead to the incomplete breakdsown of what you just ate. The end result is fermentation and even putrefaction in the digestive tract. This results in feeding undesirable bacterium, yeasts, moulds and fungus, which thrive in these conditions.

Candida overgrowth is a common health issue. It can easily spiral out of control when there is fermentation present, leading to a range of uncomfortable symptoms: bloating, depression, nail fungal rashes, among other things.

CC for Combining it Correctly

The solution to many health issues may be found in understanding that different foods digest in different ways; good digestion is possible when we learn how to eat healthful combinations as different enzymes are required to break down different foods. If too many foods that require differing enzymes are eaten together, it leads to indigestion, rancidity and fermentation all along the digestive tract.

Much greater digestive health is within reach when we learn to get back to the basics with simple food combining.

3 Golden Rules


Because different enzymes are required to break down these very different foods. Proteins require acidic enzyme secretion and take to 4 hours to digest!!!Carbs require alkaline enzymes and only take up to 2.5hours to digest. When eaten together, the foods do not get properly digested which leads to indigestion.

ALWAYS combine protein with plenty of low glycemic (low sugar) vegetables only. Carbs also go well with veggies, but remember never to mix both.

Examples for Proteins: lentil soup (protein) with salad and steamed green beans; celery and carrot sticks with humus (protein), salad with goat cheese (protein), quinoa (protein) served with salad and veggies soup.

Examples of how to eat Carbs: veggies risotto with salad, pasta with tomato sauce and a side salad, baked sweet potato with cinnamon and steamed asparagus.


Fruits digest very quickly and is pre-digested. On average, it takes one piece no more than 30min to exit the stomach. When eaten with other foods it can’t be digested, and the result will be fermentation in the digestive tract.

Watch out for melon – must be eaten alone. It digests rapidly and can cause fermentation it it is forced to spend too much time in the stomach.

Always eat fruits on an empty stomach and ideally early in the morning. Which is a fantastic way to “wake up” your digestive system.

Lemons, Limes, Tomatoes and Avocados are all technically fruits. However, they combine well with either veggies or fruits!


It’s best to avoid drinking large amounts of any fluids with meals otherwise the digestive enzymes will become diluted.

Try to stop drinking 30 minutes before meals and wait at least 2 hours to drink again after eating. A small amount of liquid with meals is OK. In fact, a small cup of warm water with ginger and lemon before meals can actually aid digestion.


These food combining rules may seem difficult to follow first, but they are in fact very easy when adopted into a healthy eating program. The results with lead to enhanced digestion, improved energy levels, weight loss and a greater sense of well being.

Beat the Bloat_1.jpg

9 Ways to Boost your metabolism

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Want to fight the fat and reveal a leaner physique?

Is NO SECRET for ANYONE!!!!And the tips are the same over and over again!!!If you want a great body, you’re going to have to eat a great diet! No More, no Less!

Don’t think of the changes you’re going to make to what you eat as “going on a diet”. Instead, you are going to be making long-term changes to the way you eat that you can maintain for life…

I have posted a few articles about easy ways to be healthy and loose weight safely…you can browse the previous posts to have a look…in case you can’t be bothered, Have a look below 😉 and remember, you don’t need to wait until Monday or the 1st day of the Month to commit yourself and change your lifestyle.

1. Eliminate sugar – there’s no surprise here – i eliminate sugar from my diet ages ago…the only sugar i consume comes from fruits – and thank’s to that, i was told by my Dr. that my amniotic fluid levels were normal, but a little bit higher than the “normal”  levels…i had to reduce drastically my intake of fruits!

Processed sugar offers no nutritional value to your body. It plays havoc with your hormones and ultimately puts you into fat-storing mode. You may get a momentary sugar rush right after eating it, but you’ll start to feel hungry and tired very soon afterwards – that’s why is so important to see the sugar levels in your cereal boxes for example.


2. Replace grains and cereals with vegetables – Cereals, rice, bread, pasta and other foods made with flour like pastry and poor food choices. These are full of the “empty” carbs that caused you to store excess fat on your body. Plus, they make you feel tired and bloated. These foods offer very few useful nutrients and are almost as bad for you as sugar.

Replace them whenever you can with lovely nutrient-rich veggies which will nourish and energize you.


3. Don’t drink your calories – Avoid calorie-laden beverages. They contain all kinds of nasty ingredients and they do not satisfy you the way food does. When your aim is to shed fat, it is much better to get the energy from food.

4. Eat lean protein at EVERY meal – Protein-rich foods are usually very tasty and they help you to feel full and satisfied. Getting enough of this nutrient in your diet is essential to ensure your body will perform at it’s best and recover quickly between exercise sessions for example. Great choices include: oily fish, lean cuts of meat and eggs. If you are not a fan, rely on amazing and powerful Superfoods like Hemp protein, Chia seeds, Chlorella or Moringa to add to your yummy salad or smoothies – Sattva Juicery offers an array of Bottles of Goodness containing this amazing nutrient.


5. Limit dairy – because of all the growth hormones and lactose it contains, which inhibit your fat loss. Try to keep it to a minimum.

6. Go easy on booze – A large glass of beer or wine could well contain the same amount of calories as a piece of cake or a chocolate bar. Yet a lot of people who wouldn’t dream of eating three or four chocolate bars in one sitting regularly down that number of alcoholic drinks in an evening. Learn to think of alcohol in the same way as you’re going to think of cake or chocolate: a small amount occasionally is OK, but several servings on a daily basis will absolutely keep you fat.

7. Get your timing right – You should refuel with a good meal as soon as you can after a workout to get the maximum benefits and ensure you recover well so that you’re ready for your next session. Opinions vary on whether to eat before exercise, so you may want to experiment to discover what’s best for you. However, you should avoid timing a big mead immediately before a workout.

Also, there’s a lot of evidence suggesting that eating late at night is detrimental to fat loss and can disturb sleep – so avoid this at all costs! Follow my lead: brush your teeth, go to bed and look forward to a good breakfast in the morning.

8. Drink Water and Green Tea people – Being in a dehydrated condition saps your energy, makes you think you’re hungry when you aren’t and generally makes you feel like crap. So, drink lots of water.I’m a huge fan of Green tea (sipping some at the moment). It’s great for weight loss because to curbs cravings, suppresses appetite and there is some compelling scientific evidence that it BOOSTS FAT BURNING so sip it up!!


9. Think before you eat – Before you put any food inside your mouth consider how you’ll feel after you eat it..not just while you’re eating it. And ask yourself if you are really hungry. If you are truly hungry you’ll happily chomp through a plate of, steamed fish, green veggies and carrots. If all you want to eat is a bag of crisps or cookies, then what you are experiencing is not real hunger.It’s most likely that it’s your sugar/carb addiction rearing its ugly head. Ignore it and it’ll pass. THE MORE TIMES YOU IGNORE IT, THE EASIER IT WILL GET AND THE LESS OFTEN IT WILL HAPPEN!

Get a Younger looking Skin

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I like to advocate a natural, non-surgical approach to looking good and improving the skin, ensuring that our treatments work in harmony with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, so my tips are based on an integrated, holistic and more natural approach to aesthetic medicine. It’s not about a quick injection here or there, but a more thorough approach for better results.


1. Exfoliate – Removing the top layer of dead skin cells instantly brightens the complexion. You can use a simple facial scrub or peel off mask at home, but intensive exfoliation at a professional clinic (using a chemical peel or microdermabrasion) will go deeper and also stimulate the skin’s renewal mechanisms, helping to smooth out fine lines.

2. Stop smoking – skin will improve within days as the oxygen supply is increased. Stopping smoking has a wide range of well publicised health benefits and you know it’s good for you. If you’re struggling, consider hypnotherapy, which has excellent outcomes in helping smokers to quit.

3. Tackle the eye area – for patients struggling with signs of tiredness, improving the dark circles and opening up the eye area is far more beneficial than targeting frown lines on the forehead.

4. Nutrition – Making big dietary changes to a healthy lifestyle is fabulous, but in reality it’s hard to achieve and maintain when you are stressed and tired. Instead, start with a few simple changes that you can manage – switch chocolate fixes for fruit, swap crisps for nuts, have a salad every day instead of a sandwich for lunch. These simple changes are a great way to get started.


5. Dermal roller treatment – a professional Dermaroller micro-needling treatment in the clinic is a fantastic way to stimulate the skin and kick-start collagen production, but where costs and time are prohibitive, home dermal rollers are a good investment, as they can be used more regularly. Ensure that you get one from a reputable supplier that has been designed for DIY use.

6. Get Outdoors – Take time out of your busy schedule to get outside, even if it’s only a walk round the block at lunch. If you can get to an open ‘green’ area, such as a park, it’s a great way to reconnect with nature. You’ll be breathing fresher air, letting your mind recharge and return to work feeling more relaxed. Daily exposure to the sun will alsogive a healthy glow, but ALWAYS use a high protection sunscreen e.g. Heliocare SPF50+, which can be applied in the morning under makeup.

7. Daily Routine – get your cleansing and moisturising routine nailed and check you are using the best products for your skin. Consider a daily exfoliating skin wash, such as the Neo Strata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash which lightly exfoliates without over-drying, so that skin can absorb moisturiser or serum.

8. Hydration – many patients suffer from dry skin due to lack of hydration – we can literally see it in the skin. At ClinicBe, we offer all patients Kangen alkalised water, which is the purest way to hydrate and offers a range of health benefits. Reducing caffeine and soft drinks in favour of water will give clearer and healthier skin.

9. Facials – a proper facial by a qualified cosmetologist is a perfect fix for improving the skin. Taking out 30 minutes for a treat is invaluable.

10. Sleep – too many adults don’t get enough sleep. Stress and busy social lives often mean not getting to bed early enough, while young children that wake in the night are an additional challenge. Sleep is a complex issue, but try to understand the problems and face them, whether it’s sleep-training a toddler, cutting out use of tablets and smartphones after 9pm or getting a new mattress, sorting out your sleep will give massive benefits to how you look and feel.

11. Exercise – one of the easiest ways to stave off the problems associated with aging is through exercise and, in particular; not leading a sedentary lifestyle. Researchers agree exercise can limit bone and muscle loss, and have found it can make cells the equivalent of nine years younger…SO LET’S MOVE PEOPLE!!!!

Living and Raw Foods

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As a healthy freak and a conscious eater, i see the importance and the need of explaining  terms that we come across every day!We hear about Raw and Living Foods, but do we actually know the meaning of this words and why are they important in our diet?

At Sattva Juicery, we have in our Bottles of Goodness Raw and Living Foods, and that’s why they are considered Raw, Living Cold Pressed Juices..Closeup of Fresh Red Beet Juice


live and raw

Eating raw and living foods is essential to our health, since nature provided them with an abundant supply of enzymes to get the job done.

What’s the difference?

Living foods and raw foods both contain numerous enzymes; but in livingfoods, the enzyme content is much higher. For example, raw, unsprouted seeds and nuts contain enzymes in their “dormant” state. To activate the enzymes in seeds and nuts, they must be soaked in water for a period of time. Once the seeds and nuts begin to sprout, the enzymes become “active” and are then considered a “living food.”

Both raw and living foods are not heated . Any food heated over 115 degrees F destroys the enzymes in the food. Actually the degradation of enzymes begins at about 105 degrees F. All foods that are cooked are devoid of enzymes, and the molecular structure of the components of the food changes as well. So to sustain life and get the life-force energy of foods filled with high enzymatic and nutrients activities, one must eat raw foods in combination with living foods.

Why are enzymes important to us?

Enzymes assist in the digestion of food. There are three classes of enzymes:
· Metabolic enzymes, which run our bodies, organs and tissues
· Digestive enzymes, which digest our food
· Food enzymes, from raw food, which start food digestion

Enzymes are important because they assist in the digestion and absorption of food. They are catalysts that allow cells to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are also responsible for the respiration in cells and converting proteins into usable energy. If you eat food that is void of enzymes, your body will be undernourished and unable to utilize the nutrients from the food. This causes toxicity in the body.

Raw food is filled with multiple enzymes that aid digestion. In fact, the digestion of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in raw food begins in the mouth at the moment that the plant cell walls are ruptured from mastication, thus releasing the food enzymes within.

Does cooking destroy enzymes?

Yessssss. As hard as it is to hear and accept because we have been cooking for centuries, this process devoids us of precious enzymes that help maintain our health. Disease and cooking originated simultaneously in the world. For instance, animals who only eat raw are healthy because their food intake in the jungle or wilderness is filled with enzymes. We have never heard of an elephant or a lion in the jungle getting a heart attack or suffering from arthritis. Better yet a gorilla getting breast cancer. Our domesticated animals eating processed food or the cooked food we give them are now facing the same disease as we are.

We know that heat destroys enzymes, but another amazing fact is that enzymes work harder at slightly warmer temperatures than they do at cooler ones.

There is a fixed amount of enzyme potential in everyone. The enzyme bank account we are born with diminishes over time if it is not subsidized by incoming enzymes and can also diminish due to different conditions and the lifestyle of the individual. By eating foods with their enzymes intact as in raw and living foods, along with supplementing the cooked food being digested with exogenous food enzymes, we are able to eradicate abnormal and pathological aging.

 What are the functions of enzymes in the body?

Life as we know it could not exist without enzymes. We must thoroughly chew our food so that the enzymes are able to fully work and break the food particles down into tiny structures capable of supplying our body with nutrients. Enzymes also aid in making new bone, nerves, muscles and glands. The enzymes work directly with the liver and all the other eliminative organs to store excess food. They are used for every function that goes on in the body. Eating raw and living foods is essential to our health, since nature provided them with an abundant supply of enzymes to get the job done. Last but not least, enzymes also breakdown toxins and waste material for elimination.

Some Important Enzymes

  • Amylase: Breaks down carbohydrates in the mouth from starches to simple sugars.
  • Hydrochloric acid (HCL): Found in the stomach and mainly responsible for the break down of solid food into a semi-solid liquid called chyme. The chyme then leaves the pylorus area of the stomach and enters the duodenum of the small intestines where more enzymes are released via the pancreas and bile from the gallbladder to further breakdown the molecules. If one drinks while they eat, they will dilute the HCL and enzyme activity, making digestion more difficult and less efficient.
  • Trypsin and chymotrypsin: Both from the pancreas, they work together to break down proteins into amino acids.
  • Lipase: Also from the pancreas, lipase is an enzyme that converts fats into fatty acids and triglycerides.

I hope this information is helpful to you and encourages you to have at least two thirds of your meals raw or living.



September for School, Sattva and Stay Fit

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As we are saying Hello to this brand new month, i can’t help but share the latest regarding Sattva news, my Daughter’s 1st day of Nursery and post the latest about the Stay Fit issues that we LOVE so much!!!!

Like i mentioned before, it has been intensive months and i just love the adrenaline!And September will be no exception.

  • We have the Launch of our beautiful Bottles of Goodness – Sattva Juicery – soon you will be able to see the bottles rolling in the city, we can’t wait for it!!!!At the same time, the website is being built. Everything is ready, we are just missing a few details…And because we want perfection, we are keeping it to us for a few more days!!!!We are so proud to be Macau’s first ever Cold Pressed Juicery with a Made in Macau label…we are looking so much forward seeing our amazing products in the City…A dream come true for both my partnerand I.Stay tuned for more news through here and through our instagram account: @sattvajuicery


  • On the 11th of this Month, my Baby Sienna is starting her 1st day of Nursery!!!OMG!!!ALREADY?!?!SERIOUSLY?!Time is flying!!!!I can’t hide my anxiety!!!Been feeling excited, happy but nervous at the same time!!!Such a bitter sweet feeling!I know i’m not the only one with this feeling…I won’t be the 1st and last either, but i can’t help it….Would love to hear about your experience, how did you feel?Was there too much crying?Did you have to pick up your child earlier?
  • As a Fitness Freak – even when 30 weeks pregnant – there’s nothing i love more than stay fit and active! Everyday I read write and learn about Staying Fit in a Holistic and Healthy way of course…in this month i will be targeting the Anti-Ageing Issues and preparing our bodies for the Winter!!!!I got a lot of stories, inspiration and ideas to report to you guys!!!!

That’s the plan for September. I am sure i can keep the promise unless i go in labour before Due Date!!Nahhhh that’s not before November 14th…if according to the plan!!Let’s see :)



Sapphires and Asters for September

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Is September 3rd in this side of the World. I meant to write this post before the beginning of the month but been so busy with the Sattva Launch!Extremely busy and beautiful Summer days in Macau…i am ashamed to say that i just went to the pool once or twice this summer!Probably a record!!!I just had no time!!!

September is here, and i can’t wait to see what this month has in store for us!

First things first:

Sapphires are the September birthstone which are reputed to help with health problems such as fevers and inflammations.

The Colors of Sapphires

Sapphires come in a wide range of natural colors and shades. They are available in every color but red. Sapphires in colors other than blue are often referred to as fancy sapphires. The most valuable sapphires have a medium intense, vivid blue color. Black, gray, or green overtones mixed in with the blue will reduce a stone’s value. A more pastel blue would be less preferred than a vivid blue but would still be priced higher than an over dark blackish blue color. Color is mainly caused by the gemstone’s selective absorption of certain wavelengths of light called the body color.

In gemstones, color consists of three components:

Hue – the first impression of the color
Tone – the lightness or darkness of color ranging from light to medium to dark
Saturation – the intensity of a gemstone’s color which is measured from dull to strong to vivid

Types and Colors of Sapphires

Pink Sapphires – A pink-orange sapphire is known as padparadscha
Yellow Sapphires – A Yellow sapphire has a trace of iron that gives it the yellow color
Blue Sapphires – Fine blue sapphire can be described as a vivid medium dark violet to purplish blue where the primary blue hue is at least 85% and the secondary hue no more than 15%
White Sapphires – A colorless or white sapphire are sometimes used as diamond substitutes in jewelry
Green Sapphires – A green sapphire has a trace of iron that gives it the yellow color
Red Sapphires – A sapphire is any color of corundum except red, red corundum known as ruby
Star Sapphires – A star sapphire exhibits a star-like phenomenon known as asterism
Birthstone Facts and Information about Sapphires
The following list provides Birthstone facts and information about the Sapphire:

The Sapphire is the birthstone of the month of September
Sapphires are also the Wedding anniversary gemstone for the 45th year of marriage
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Virgo dates: August 23 – September 22
Virgo – The Sixth Sign of the Zodiac: The sign of the Virgin
Ruling Planet of Virgo: Mercury
Alternate Birthstones of Virgo : Carnelian, Zircon, Sardonyx, Peridots and Agate

The Aster

The meaning of the September Birth Flower, the Aster is Love, Faith, Elegance, Refinement, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor.

The hidden message of the Birth Flower, the aster, so favored during the Victorian era was “Take care of yourself for me”.

Colors of this Beautiful Flower:


Aster would give a beautiful and rustic Baby Girl name in my opinion…Might have a look at November Birth Flower to get inspired for my little One that has no name yet!!!

Stay tuned for the September Agenda in the next post.

Have a lovely day and hope you started well this month of September


30’s with Love & Luxury

14 days have passed since my 30th Birthday!And what a day!!Been spoiled from morning to evening by my Family and Friends!Felt so special.

Like i told you, i have spent my Birthday in Singapore…and the Day was perfect even though it was raining…it didn’t bother at all!

The started early…way to early, in fact i was the 1st one waking up..Hubby and Sienna woke up an hour later!I believe i have been staring at them for that long…such a beautiful image!I also took advantage to replay my 30 years of existence in my mind…Where it all started and where i am has been an absolutely roller coaster ride with more ups than down!!!And i can’t thank enough to all the people who contributed to my happiness until today..You shaped me, You made the Woman i am Today and without you i wouldn’t be shinning. In special my Family, my Husband and my Amazing Friends. I Love you with all my heart.

I was soo looking forward to the day, i had no idea what Hubby been planing and organizing!!I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!

Breakfast in bed was served at 9:00am and the day itinerary was explained by my Husband with an excited Sienna watching her favorite cartoons surrounded by her bears…

A driver/guide would be waiting for us at the Four Seasons entrance, where he would take us for a City Tour for 2 hours.

At 12.30 Pampered Pre Natal Massage at the Spa

At 15 High Tea at The Saint Regis – Hubby tried his best to book a table at Raffles but it was fully booked for a few days already (we still visited…what a charming iconic place)

19 Birthday Dinner

Wow!!!I got sooooo excited with everything…Loved everything!!!

Being pregnant and with a 19month old, we had to time and coordinate everything with rest, nap times and Sienna’s feeding time…it went spot on..I rested when i needed to and Sienna slept when she was supposed to!!Everything went perfect!

I managed to take a few pictures of St.Regis High tea that i highly recommend. The atmosphere, sophistication,luxury, elegance and attention to detail ruled that stunning lobby lounge. Totally different from High Teas i am used to…Service was excellent and the piano playing in the background made me very emotional once or twice. My High Tea was served with one of their fantastic teas and hubby’s with amazing bubbly!I was absolutely impressed with their teas options…some TWG’s exclusive blends, others home blends…the Menu was just fantastic!

It was a memorable day, that ended with the Dinner at a very popular Singaporean Restaurant where i was dying to try the so famous Chilli Crab. It was not Jumbo in Clark Quay – was fully booked, but it was an equally good one. It didn’t disappoint at all!It was a very interesting experience surrounded by locals and foreigners…probably Expats and Tourists like us.

I was sad day was over…it also meant that our getaway was reaching the end…and soon was time to return home…

We spent 6Days and 5Nights in this city that we might call one day : Home.What i liked the most:

Our spacious room and bathroom at The Four Season, Gardens, how Green the city is, Marina Bay Sands Lunch Buffet – wow!!!!, The Raffles, My Birthday Day, St.Regis’s High Tea, fact that everybody speaks english, Sentosa’s residences 😉 The deal is to come back next year, spend more time, and explore the city in a non very turistical eyes!

Until next time Singapore