Delivering in Macau


For the soon to be Mommies and Daddies…

If you live in Macau and plan on having your little one here you have 2 choices: Either you choose to deliver at the Public Hospital – Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário or you go Private at the Kiang Wu Hospital.

Of course you have the choice of delivering in Hong Kong (or somewhere else too) – you can’t compare the services and the choices of Hospitals in Hong Kong with those offered in Macau. But because i am based in Macau, we focus in Macau first.

I had Sienna at the Public Hospital and so did all my friends and sisters (it was agreed tho that in case of complications we would go directly to Hong Kong). Same with the actual pregnancy – i am being followed by a private doctor and plan on having my 2nd delivery at the same Hospital – public one.

I have to admit that this time i am a little bit “anxious” because i know that i want a c-section. I had a c-section with Sienna, and having a VBAC with less then a 2 year period makes me a little bit nervous, merely because of the risk include. Like in Hong Kong, if you opt for an elective c-section you will pay an “x” amount for it – private hospitals – prices vary from Hospital to Hospital…In Kiang Wu, you can expect at least 40.000 mop.

I know for a fact that in Macau (been doing my research and i am going through this at the moment) you have to wait until you are 34-36 weeks to check baby’s position and your status. Depending on your condition, the Dr. at the Hospital will give his opinion and advise. So i am hoping that they will tell me that i will have a c-section because of my previous one…Fingers crossed…Interesting that with my 1st pregnancy i wanted a natural delivery so badly, i prepared myself as much as i could, i read so much about natural birth; that my ground collapsed when the Dr. told me i had to consider a c-section. Now, i can’t hope for anything else but a c-sectiion!

  • Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário (CHCSJ)

Tel.:28313731 (24 Horas)
Information: 8390 5000
2ª – 6ª Feira:08H30 – 18H00 (Closed on Public Holidays)

Bookings: 8390 6000
2ª – 6ª Feira:09:00~13:00 , 14H00 – 20H00

  • Kiang Wu

You have to translate the page. There is no English version.

Health Centres in Macau:

In Macau you have a few Health Centres available.

Macau you have a few, Taipa you have one and in Coloane 1 as well. You can follow your pregnancy with them BUT if you can, please be followed somewhere else. I beg you. They are very nice don’t take me wrong BUT…there are so many Buts…in my opinion and i can’t talk for anybody else, you are one more, you are another number. The Dr. hardly speaks to you…maybe because of language barrier…but still. He just ask if you are ok and is there to schedule your next appointments/exams.

With my 1st pregnancy i didn’t put my feet in the Health Centre. I was being followed by a private clinic in Taipa called Dr. Clinic. At 30 weeks i start seeing a Dr. at the hospital.

Why am i doing differently this time?

When i check-in at the Hospital, ready to give birth, the nurses asked me for my “green book”…i told them i didn’t have a green book and they all looked at me weird. All i had was a nicely organized folder with all my pregnancy reports from the beginning to end…Apparently too organized and out of the normal for them that they found hard to understand! Go figure!

This time, i am being followed by one of the most famous – if not the most famous – Gyn. Ob. female doctor in Macau called Dr. Luo. (again, i can’t talk for everyone, all i am telling you is based on my experience and personal opinion).

And i registered my self at the Health Center in order to get the “green book” and avoid the little inconvenience i have been through at the Hospital. It works in a way that you have your blood tests, glucose tests etc done all in one place and for free (for Macau I.d. cards holder). With Dr. Luo you would have to go to different places in order to have them done. So Dr.Luo reports i show (for some reason) at the Health Centre and Vice-versa. Dr. Luo seems much more interested in reading them then at the H.C. where they just glance and say ok IF they glance at all.

I had this episode a few weeks ago, where they scheduled me for the 18 weeks blood test…Dr. Luo did the same…but because Dr. Luo scheduled to an earlier date i took her schedule and ignored the one from the H.C. when i told the H.C. they were impressed because i had to pay and couldn’t understand why i followed my private Dr. instead of their schedule…after a lot of explaining they understood and we agreed that i would show them the results next time…I told Hubby that i felt bad because they follow a routine and i scrambled their thing….Next time i went there the Dr. was different and he couldn’t care less if i was brining the blood result or not! He said “ok no problem”…i said i know there is no problem for 3 weeks already and explained what i agreed with his colleague…he answered “ok no problem”…

SO WHY BOTHER? Every time i go there i have the feeling i wasted my time…positive things: you hear the little one’s heart beat, nurses are good withdrawing blood, it’s near home, you can make your exams for free and you get your green booklet (do you really need this green card?No you don’t as long as you take ALL your reports to the hospital the day you check in).Other then that…to be honest…niente!

So to wrap it up:

Delivery 3 choices:

  • Macau – Public – Sao Januario
  • Private – Kiang Wu
  • Abroad – closer to Macau is Hong Kong. For Hong Kong, one of the 1st things you need to decide is if you go Public or Private. From there, i highly advise you to make your registrations sooner rather then later. Almost as soon as you know you are pregnant. Make your research, ask friends and choose your Dr. The Dr, that follows your pregnancy is the Dr. delivering your little one…something that doesn’t happen in Macau.

To Follow your pregnancy:

Health Centers – Public:

Macau, Taipa 2881 3089 and Coloane 2850 2001


Dr. Clinic – , +853 2828 2328, – TAIPA

Dr. Luo Yin Fan -,2835 6001 – MACAU

The Southside Clinic –,283 22 283,

Dr. Lao – Macau

Dr. Wong Keung OB/GYN, Fertility specialist – Centro Médico Ever Link de Macau at the FIT, 12 Floor – +853 2850 9022

Good to know:

  • Macau Permanent Residents – all treatments, exams and deliveries performed at the Public places are free of charge
  • Non Permanent Residents or with Visa/Passport – have to pay…not much but your are charged. Not sure how much. I will come back with this piece of info.
  • Insurances: most of the private places accept insurances. You have to check your company’s and clinics’ policies.
  • Sometime after your 26th week you can go to the Hospital Administration Office and deliver a letter addressed to the Hospital Director asking for permission for your Hubby/Partner or whoever you choose to assist in the Delivery. After 2 weeks (if i remember correctly) you will receive a call seeing that your request have been approved but it will depend on a lot of factors: if c-section – forget about it. If natural birth your companion can assist as long as you are the only one in the delivery/labour yard. I know it’s possible and it happened already :) it’s rare but it happens. 
  • Once you are at the labour yard you are alone…Hubby/Family stays outside. No mobile phones and belongings are allowed. So make sure you leave it at home or hand it to your family. Make sure you right down the phone numbers you need. There is a phone in each room.
  • Each room in the labour yard has maybe 6 beds..You are not alone. Or you might even be. You hear babies being born – naturally – even 10 minutes…”funny” because you never know when is your turn!
  • A nurse will talk to you and explain everything. This is the time you tell her about your birth plan (it did not work for me), your concerns and doubts ..they will try to accommodate…they do try to do their best…But you need to have in mind that you are “another one”, specially if it’s a Baby Boom Season.

Nurses and Drs. at the Hospital:

I have stayed at the Hospital for different reasons.  I have seen and experienced different nurses and Drs. Again, this is a very personal opinion.  But i know that we ALL share that there is a lack of emotional and sensitive approach to us women when in labour, during delivery and postpartum. Again, you are seeing as another one. There is no extra care, there is no extra smile, there is no extra sensitivity, little to no bed-side manners. This is one of the many reasons why some moms choose to deliver abroad…and sensitive like i am, i could see myself doing the same BUT it actually didn’t bother me that much because i was busy and over the moon with my little one…nothing could make me sad or annoyed.Talking about Nurses ATTENTION.

  • Nurses at the labour yard are alright…nothing special…you don’t have a warm welcome or a red carpet treatment that’s for sure.
  • Nurses during my C-section – unbelievable, absolutely incredible..I was crying since i left the labour yard all the way until the anesthesia hit me..i was very nervous, very anxious and scared. They calmed me down/tried to as soon as i was given to another team…they were very positive and kept talking to me during the whole procedure. I will never forget the anesthesia team..unbelieveble.
  • After the C-section you wait in an observation room – nurses are very caring
  • After you are transferred to the postpartum/maternity yard where you are in a 24/7 buzz!morning nurses – no thank you…night ones and younger ones- angels. Funny that a friend of mine just delivered and she shared the same.

Drs. Only mine – Dr. Christine Wong. Angel, sweet heart with a loving and maternal heart, with a sensitive approach. She saw me earlier and broke the news about the c-section…i asked her to walk me through the procedure as i had NO CLUE!very patiently she explained me everything. She told me 2 things that made me come to my senses: Mariana, we need to save your baby; Mariana in 1 h you will have you baby in your arms. After that “i’ve slap my face” and said ok, let’s do it. She also guarantee that i could wear bikini in the summer and that she would be the one removing the staples…COME ONE!Can you please be there in November as well?!Pretty Please…

What else Mommies and Daddies?

I always get carried away when talking about Pregnancies, specially my experience in Macau…Sorry if it’s a bit long but is the raw experience talking and apologies if i made you scared or’s definitely not my intention. I was very well treated during my labour and delivery, i can’t complain about anything at all. They treated Sienna very well and were very caring…that’s what really matter. All i could focus was in the recovery so that i could be with my daughter, feed her and hold her properly…the rest is details. Once the Baby is born you forget everything…is about you as a mother and bonding with your lovely new born.

I believe this is it for now…If there is anything missing i will come back and post it. If you have any question or comment feel free to leave it here…i will answer to you promptly.

Ahh, where to go once it’s The Time:

From the Lobby or from the Emergency Room

You will be taken straight to the Ob/gyn  and labour and delivery floor (3rd floor if i am not wrong). Actually i think is the 5th floor. 3rd floor is the maternity unit where all mommies and babies are :). There you will have ALL the pre-birth tests, including blood pressure, heart beat and contractions will be monitored, questions will be asked and decisions will be made. 

Daddies are not allowed to go in the consultation rooms. Family and friends need to wait at the waiting room – outside. Daddies can go in unless you are asked to, in case both of you need to make decisions etc…

Natural Births and C-section:

You go through the labour yard. Once you are in, you know you won’t come out of there alone :)

From there, the team from the maternity unit will take you to the 3rd floor where your baby will be there waiting for you already. In case of C-sectio, after you are prepped in the labour unit, you go to the theater internally…so your family will only see you downstairs (they see the baby first and after 60 to 70min they see you). You go through a bunch of doors, change teams a few times (jezz the memories are so vivid in my mind…i can see those green walls), change bed, open doors, close doors…uh la la…until you arrive in the operation room.

In my 2 cases: birth – I was prepped at 14 something, at 5pm the cirgury started (i remember the red digital clock in front of me…i kept seeing the time) at 5:41 Sienna was born, 6pm Sienna was meeting her father and by 7 .30 i was at the maternity ward.

2.nd birth – I was prepped at 10:40 am, at 11 the cirgury started, Maya was born at 12:01, at 12:15 Maya was meeting her Father, from 12:45 to 13:45 i was in the observation room and by  14:15 i was with my Family.

Pretty fast!!!!Set the clock in your camera…like this, once you see your pictures you will realize how fast and non stop it went..amazing…

Don’t forget:

When packing your Hospital bag, don’t forget: Id or Passport, your green book, exams,scans and reports specially blood tests results  (in case you were being followed abroad or in a private clinic local or not).Take copies of scans or documents you might thing you need in the future (even if only for the photo album/journal) because they might keep some of these documents.

Don’t forget your Cord Blood folder in case your opt for the Cord blood collection (we did with both).

Also, write down phone numbers you might use. Once you are admitted to give birth – natural birth you go to the labour yard;  C-section –  you are prepped in the labour area, behind a courting – yes, you might be lucky to hear a few women pushing and a few babies crying – probably one of the weirdest and yet most incredible feeling i have ever felt…I can’t describe the emotion…specially when you are in the labour area, in there, with more women…waiting…wondering when is your time…wondering when do you have to push, wondering what is the feeling, alone, with people that you have never seen..and you know as a woman that that, is your time to “perform” – t’s between you, your body and finally your baby…People around you can guide you..but the instinct, the power, the tears, the joy, the pain..only you can feel – and, suddenly you start seeing and feeling the buzz around you, as is the woman laying next to you’s turn to finally meet her little one – with my first pregnancy i stayed from 5am to 15pm in the labour yard, before heading to the theatre. Sienna was born at 17.41pm) anyway, once you are in, all your belongings are kept outside with your Family.

I wrote this post while i was pregnant with Maya, meanwhile, my beautiful and healthy Princess was born with a C-section (at 34weeks i was sent to the Hospital and follow my appointments there. At 34.5 weeks they have assured a Cesarean and from the 36th week we start considering the dates) !! I will keep the post as it is, even though it was written while pregnant with her.

Next post i will write about what to bring to the Hospital for you and your little one:)





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    Christina Kimont
    January 31, 2015

    Hi! Thank you for your detailed information! I am a doula, and new to Macau and would love to talk to you in more detail about your experiences with childbearing in Macau. Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook

  2. Leave a Reply

    March 22, 2015

    Thank you for these very helpful blog. May i asked few question as i am a new mother to be, over 3mos and i want to know if you have give birth in kiang wu? It will be my choice to have it there. Are they good in english, kind and caring?thank you very much x

    • Leave a Reply

      March 24, 2015

      Hi Mayden, Thank you for your kind message.
      Congratulations!!!How exciting!!!!
      I am happy to know that this post is helping a lot of new mummies in Macau!
      No, i did not delivered in Kiang Wu nor any of my friends. I went there to make a few blood tests – as scheduled by my private Dr.
      All staff were caring and spoke well english.I suggest you go there and have a look at the maternity ward?
      Dr. Luo has a very strong connection with the Kiang Wu as well, she would recommend a Dr. for you in there with no problems. She always told me that Kiang Wu Dr.s have very good technique for c-sections:).
      Kiang Wu as being a private Hospital i would suspect that your partner can participate during childbirth..but you need to ask too.
      Prices at that hospital are different if you are a Macau Resident or not.
      I wish i knew more about Kiang Wu.I promise to post as soon as i have more news :)

  3. Leave a Reply

    March 24, 2015

    Thank you, yes i am thorn where to give birth plus the fact that it is a mixed baby,not local here hence the translastion for the birth certicate etc so then i can apply a UK passport would be already a pain in the ass, but yet, i should focus first the giving birth. Not local and really the option is Kiang wu but natural birth which i need to probably visit the hospital soon to check the cons and pros. Or check HK tho i dont fancy travelling here and there for checks and then stay there for the last week before i pop out. Pets, hubby busy and im on me own. I been seeing Dr’s Clinic and they been fantastic too tho nothing much info about what i need to do on the nearer time. I might be too early… Cheers for the information and i hope all went well with your little one. M x

  4. Leave a Reply

    September 23, 2015

    hi, I’m new in Macau and also expecting little one! I have few question, what would you highly recommend do I need to go straight to Kiang Wu Hospital or it’s better to go to Dr. Lou Yi Fan Clinics first for my first check up. Thank you appreciated your reply.

    • Leave a Reply

      September 25, 2015

      Hi Geri
      Thanks for your message and Congratulations with your happy news :)
      To answer your question, It all depends on you…
      If you are in the early stages of your pregnancy i would get a check at a clinic – Dr.Luo for example
      If you don’t want to see a Dr. at a private clinic, you can visit the Health Centre – Macau, Taipa or Coloane (normally ALL the follow up appointments are made at the Health Centre as long as there are no issues or complications with you and Baby).
      At the Hospital, they won’t normally see you UNLESS the health centre sends you there in case of complications and issues.
      Will you deliver in Macau?

      On a side note and for more options:
      There is a new Clinic at the FIT Tower in Macau for OB/GYN, Fertility and other services, opened by Dr.Wong Keung. He is an excellent Dr. and used to be the Ob/Gyn at the public Hospital in Macau for many years.He opened his very own clinic but i can’t find the address. As soon as i find it, i will let you know.
      Also, at the 4th floor – same building – there is the Southside Clinic with the same service of OB/GYN with a Dr. from HK. Appointments are every wednesdays only. He delivers babies here and in Hong Kong (Matilda Hospital) – can’t remember his name right now.
      He was the Dr. who discharged me from the hospital with the 2nd birth. I hear he is pretty amazing as well.

  5. Leave a Reply

    February 12, 2016

    This blog article was like a green oasis in midst of dark desert called Macau :)

    Truly appreciate the time and effort you have put into writing all these information for the world to see.

    We live in Taipa.. and my wife is in early 2nd trimester and I am trying to find a clinic for blood and integrated tests.. Your guide here has been immensely helpful. Thank you again.

    • Leave a Reply

      February 15, 2016

      Hi Jonathan,
      Congratulations on the new addition to your Family.
      Thank you for your message!!I am glad it gave you some lights :) I will definitely keep posting more information about being pregnant/delivery in Macau.

  6. Leave a Reply

    March 22, 2017

    So intresting to read your experiences n get ideas too thank u

  7. Leave a Reply

    July 19, 2017

    Im due to give birth this september 2017 in macau public hospital, this article is really helpful, keep it up! 😊

    • Leave a Reply

      July 20, 2017

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your comment and Congratulations on your pregnancy, how exciting! I am sure you will be perfectly fine. Will post about what to bring in your Hospital Bag very soon, so stay tuned :)

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