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Everything changed when my Father was diagnosed with very high blood pressure an cholesterol 12 years ago or more. Since then the diet in the house had to change drastically: no more sugar, no more salt, no more fried foods, white breads, including my diet and my sister’s diet…

12 years ago i was 18 and pretty health conscious but nothing compared with what i am today. I was more focused in dieting or loosing weight in 3 days instead of following a healthy diet plan…

As an University student, specially abroad…there is no dieting at all!I know it, You know it, Everybody knows it. Rice with canned tuna, spaghetti bolognese, Sandwiches, cereals for dinner, Pasta…pasta…Pasta, mid night snacks, smoking, coffee, coffee, coffee and some alcohol…ruled in our University life and at our apartment in Florence…we loved it and is part of the student’s “culture”. I am sure you have been there too!!

I resumed my “healthy” diet routine and habits after coming back to Macau where i kept being ignorant about eating healthy, being aware, mindful and a counscient eater…Until i embarked in my Amazing Yoga  Journey. Bare in mind i still had my Father’s diet changes in mind and still practice some until today: I don’t add sugar or salt to any of my foods, drink etc, i have stopped drinking soda an fizzy drinks, i have learned to read the nutrition facts of a product in the supermarket and slowly been changing my eating habits here and there…maybe without noticing, but my body does, specially today!That’s why i can’t get tired of repeating:

Make little changes everyday!

It was during my Yoga Teacher Training Course that everything changed!!!I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!!During the training i noticed that in order to keep light, perfumed at my best, and flow where you can only flow during a yoga practice i needed to changed my diet into a more vegetable and seeds basis. I also have noticed that i couldn’t keep smoking (i never been a heavy smoker but i could do with a few cigarettes, specially when socialising with a glass or two of wine). But as importantly, i have learned that Food heals!!

I have quite Smoking during my Yoga Training and i have changed my perception of Food and being healthy with Yoga as well. Until now..

Today, with 2 beautiful Babies, and with a need of an amazing amount of energy – by choice – I eat mainly a high raw, plant-based, gluten-free diet. I do not count calories or fat; I eat whole unprocessed foods. If I want to eat 2 avocados in one salad, I will! If I want to eat four bananas in the form of “nice” cream for dessert, I will! For me this works, everyone needs to find their balance and what works for them. From my experience, when I eat real, whole foods I feel my best! I want to know every ingredient I am putting my body.

Several studies show that a plant-based diet increases the body’s metabolism, causing the body to burn calories up to 16% faster than the body would on a meat-based diet for at least the first 3 hours after meals. Once a month I eat 100% raw just to give my body that extra boost when I feel like I need it! Specially when breastfeeding where i can’t really detox or heal through juicing only. I don’t think I could ever go 100% raw all the time but there is no doubt my diet now consists of 90% raw and higher in the summer months.

I am not a Vegetarian nor 100% Vegan but i do try my best to cook vegan dishes – mainly Raw –  and follow a vegan diet routine where i cut the dairy products, add cold pressed juices, superfoods and definitely choose organic over other choices, specially after receiving my Vegan and Plant-based arsenal of recipe books. I am so in love. Is like discovering a new “Me”. I couldn’t be happier with this amazing finding.

 There’s always vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in the kitchen and in the recipes…for many years now and i don’t regret a single time. It became a part of my lifestyle for more then 7 years in a row!!!Today, i am even more motivated to do so, and develop new recipes and diets because of my children. I am their role model and by doing it, they will want to do the same. I have changed my perception of food even though i ALWAYS ate little and always had a small stomach. Today, i love food, i have learn to respect all produces Mother Earth and Nature offered me/us. Today i have learned to make the healthiest food combinations with different ingredients, spices and flavours…with different purposes and healing effects. Today, i know how to it. And that’s the message i want to transmit to You. Hence the blog, hence my food pictures, hence my food blog and recipes. I am not a Food critic. But i am definitely a Foodie in quest of what is best.

I do it for my health, my children and Family’s health. It is so much healthier, so much yummier, so much fresher…

As i have discovered, there are ways of making all your favourite food healthy and delicious – hello brownies, pizza and ice cream – it’s just a question of learning how. There are amazing, natural alternatives that taste just as good – if no better – than the processed, sugar laden desserts everyone is used to and they’ll make you feel so much better too.

I love it and so do they, so why change it when you are only making good for yourself and for Mother Earth?

My biggest advice would be to start making small changes first. Try adding in one new serving of fruit or veg a day to start; Blend up a smoothie in the morning, and don’t count’s about counting goodness.

We’re not focusing on dieting and deprivation here…i’m hoping that this blog will help you change your mind-set so that we can celebrate amazing food and feel incredible about ourselves at the same time.

I love the way i eat. It’s become an incredible new way of life and i’m much happier than i’ve ever been.



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