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If you haven’t noticed yet, we live in an extremely sick world. Daily intake of drugs, heart diseases, cancer, adult and child obesity, diabetes are rolling the world at a very fast way.

We also live in a very toxic world…specially here in China, where i am based. It’s bad…really bad!!!When talking about toxic, i am not just referring to air pollution from our cars, coal plants and other industries. I am talking about toxic chemicals that are introduced into our environment through water supply, streams, lakes and oceans – not to mention onto our dinner plates.

We are literally killing ourselves slowly with toxic chemicals in our food, water and air.

Thankfully an awakening is happening all over the world and the desire of eating healthy and cleanse has never been so popular. People from all walks of life are discovering the benefits of fasting and the power of fresh fruits and veggies.

Though i love the juice detox model, i know it can be quite extreme for some. That’s why i have created a a way for people to get the benefits of juice fasting while still maintaining a somewhat regular diet. You can still eat delicious food while helping your body to cleanse and reset.

1st: Decrease toxin exposure in the diet, home and daily life

2nd: Help the body to cleanse naturally with a nourishing raw diet

3rd: Assist the liver and the gut in detoxification

Whether you just need a day or so to detox from an overindulgent holiday, post pregnancy or a monthlong body rest…whatever your reason is, this blog is filled with easy recipes to help up your energy and get you looking and feeling your best.

Learn new ways to incorporate these detox principles into your daily life where, every day, you can help your body more efficiently do what it does naturally.

Just keep in mind that i am a Holistic Wellness Lifestyle Coach and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, not a doctor. All the information described here is for educational purposes only and not meant to treat any medical condition. If you have any chronic health issues, consult your doctor first.

If you are underweight, have very low energy or have any weakness, a cleanse is definitely NOT recommended. Please use your judgment as you apply the principles of this blog.

This can be a VERY powerful and health transforming journey. I hope you enjoy the experience and discover vibrant health like you’ve never had before.

Happy Cleanse Guys



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