Sattva Juicery – Macau


Sattva brings the first Pure Cold Pressed Raw and Living Juicery to Macau, delivering fresh Juices and Juice cleanses straight to your door. 

Carrying all your health and energy necessities, Sattva was founded with the objective of making your lifestyle healthier, easier, funnier, more colorful and more effective.
We know that with environmental impurities and today’s busy lifestyle it’s difficult to fuel our bodies with the necessary amount of nutrients, and it’s for this simple fact that we created the Sattva Juicery.
After realizing the lack of resources in Macau and being inspired by the amazing products and choices there are abroad, they decided to bring these Bottles of Goodness closer to you.


The philosophy behind Sattva juicery is a very simple one. Good health and a peaceful co-existence with your body.

At Sattva, we are passionate about making the freshest, tastiest juices with combinations that really work to get you feeling and looking your best by promoting heath and wellness at the same time.


Sattva Juicery’s goal is to boost, revitalize, nourish, restore and re-energize your body in an efficient, convenient, healthy and yummy way.
We all understand the difficulty of proper nourishment in today’s stressful and hectic world. At the same time, we realize the vital importance of giving ourselves optimal levels of nutrients to allow our bodies and minds to function at their highest levels.

Our mission is not only to create the most nutrient rich juices and ultra fresh cleanse programs but also, give you the opportunity to purchase the best Ra, Vegan, Organic Superfoods and other natural products in order to enhance your healthy diet and cleansing program.


Sattva’s bespoke juices and unique cleansing programs are brimming with nourishing Superfood ingredients to super boost your life and vitality by deeply restoring you and your cells.

All of the juices are cold-pressed, super fresh and delicious. We pride ourselves on our health boosting combinations which are natural, powerful and safe. Our juices are high in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which support the cleansing and rejuvenation process. We create the highest quality cleanses that nature has to offer.

By consuming only cold-pressed vegetable and fruit based juices daily you are reducing the amount of toxins going into your system which allows the body to heal and recharge whilst flooding it with vital nutrients.

At Sattva we are passionate about making the freshest, tastiest juices with combinations that really work to get you feeling and looking your best by promoting heath and wellness at the same time. We search for the cleanest, freshest and purest ingredients that are organic, seasonal where possible and we work hard to showcase a progressive combination of nutritional products that promote heath and wellness, all sourced from local purveyors.


Daily options include a wide variety of Cold Pressed Raw Juices, Superfood smoothies, Waters, Milks and our very own most requested 1, 3, 5, and 7 + days cleanses.
There is no excuse! You can always integrate raw and the freshest Juices in your daily routine. Make juicing a great healthy habit for you and your family.

All of our juices are made with Love, Care, Dedication and Integrity.
All of our bottles and packaging are recycled and recyclable so that it’s good for you and the planet.

I’m more eager in continuing meeting people and helping them achieve their goals, helping them discovering their bodies and reach levels they never thought they could.


Being a “Macau Girl” and being involved in the first Cold Pressed Juicery in this City, gives me a great sense of satisfaction and honor that I can be part of this movement towards health and wellbeing. But more importantly, it is a way for me to share with my family, friends and Macau citizens something that I truly believe in and that I am passionate about, being able to change peoples lives by promoting and encouraging a Natural and Healthy Lifestyle with the amazing help of our Bottles of Goodness.

For orders*:

facebook/sattvajuicery – under construction

*cut of time for next day delivery is 5pm



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    Ricardo Atraca
    June 9, 2016

    Mariana tas boa?
    Im going to wrote In engolido as its easier to express my self but you can repleto Im portuguese hehe. First of all congratulations on this amazing adventure you have embarked on and Its great that your spreading you light and love and wisdom in macau which can be shock to all;)

    So the reason why I’m sending you this msg is because my grandma is sick and I’m trying to transition her into a plant based diet so that she can norture and nourish her body;) so my first question is are your cold press juices organic? Second question is can we get organic fruits and vegetables from you? Third we would like the cold press juices deliver to our house in Macau as soon as possible;)

    Se poderes manda os preços e as variadades que tens para o poder mostrar a minha avó;) blessings sister and Keep spreading your love. Manda um abraço e beijinho a família.

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    Ricardo Atraca
    June 9, 2016

    I mean Im going to write In english but you can reply In portuguese*

  3. Leave a Reply

    Ricardo Atraca
    June 9, 2016

    Sorry autocorrect at its best bjos

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