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Love for Yoga and Yoga for Love


I can’t start this post without saying Thank You for everything that Yoga has given to me (and still gives), since we were first introduced 8 years ago. I am so grateful we have met!

The Journey has been extremely rewarding and is known for a fact that the more i practice, the more i discover, the more i discover the more i want to learn, the more i learn the happier and fulfilled i get…it just doesn’t stop, it is a beautiful cycle. It is such a contagious thing that makes me practice every time i think about it and everywhere i go…Sometimes i find myself stretching in different times and places during the day, like at the bank and supermarket queues for example.

Practicing for 8 years and teaching for 4 (i’m a certified Yoga Instructor – RYA), Yoga has absolutely change my life, my body and my mind, it changed the way i see things, appreciate thing, embrace things, it helped me to learn how to channel and filter what is really important in life, thought me how to breath, it made me be aware of what i eat and how i eat, it made me change my perception of food, choosing organic and dedicate my diet to a more vegetarian way.I couldn’t be more grateful. Even the whole “eco friendly” and “green” approach became a part of my lifestyle. Yoga held my hand and took me to a journey of learning a new culture, different traditions, philosophy and history..the history of this Art.

With Yoga, i learned how to be patient, set intentions and be grateful.It thought me how to respect my body, be aware of my posture and above all, it made me quit smoking.
Yoga gave me and keep giving me energy, good mood, positive thinking, gave me the light and the opportunity to explore my body and live my life in a way i could never think off.
This is the message i try to pass to my students and family.
The changes, didn’t occur overnight…it took time..and with time i learned that the more i thought about the final result, the less i was enjoying the whole process of my transformation.
For yoga and to obtain the results you want, you need practice, discipline and patience…

“Stillness, awareness, comfort and lightness leads to perfection and perfection is reached with time”  Mariana Hedegaard

It’s not only the psychologic and physical aspects that Yoga gives you, because i could stay here the whole day talking about the benefits that Yoga bring to body and mind…but is the whole new perception of life…It’s incredible how my lifestyle changed with the practice of this postures and routines, is the appreciation of the sitar and relaxation music, is the appreciation of mandalas, colors and a beautiful philosophy that gives you a different way of thinking and embrace life, is like freeing your FREEDOM…You must try!

I thought Yoga until i was 37.5 weeks pregnant. Breath techniques, simple stretches, meditation and relaxation gave me the most peaceful pregnancies i could only wish for.

Yoga is for Everybody and every Body. It doesn’t matter your age, body shape, health condition…There is Yoga for every single soul. And let me tell you, that it is recommended to start the practice as young as 3 years old!

I recommend as much practice as possible:

If you are trying for the first time, i suggest you start with 30min, then increase to 45min and finally 1 hour practice or more.
Start of with 2 times a week, until it becomes a routine. Once your body starts asking for more, increase the practice for 3 to 4 times a week.
Select a time that suits you best, a time you know it will be fully dedicated to the practice, in a calm surrounding, distractions free.
Music: relaxing music but not too relaxed, i don’t want you to fall asleep!!Try some Yoga tunes from youtube. Deva Premal, Buddha Bar and any Chillout music will be your best partner to set up your practice rhythm, and the lyrics itself will help you achieve that “happiness” and “bliss” you are looking for.
What you will need: A good yoga mat, please invest in one. I am all up to organic ones. They might be costy but they will last long and have a good non-slip reputation.
Eating wise: try not to eat anything heavy for 2 hours before the practice starts. You can always snack on fruits, dried fruits or cereal bars!

Have a look at to make your life easier or have a look at The best of Yoga Mats in Manduka. This 2 brands for me are the Gods of Yoga Products.
Followed by Luluemon for Yoga wear…simply love it!!!!

My Yoga classes schedule and sequences are coming soon including Pre and Post-Natal Yoga (Winter 2015).





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